Should junior high and high school students get randomly drug tested?

  • It would be costly, but better for society as a whole

    If you read the other side they are simply drug users who fear the enforcement that would come along with drug testing. I know for a fact that so many high school students do drugs. When I was in high school marijuana was the thing, and if you did not do it you were not cool. Around 5 years later I realize that ANY drugs (Alcohol, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Barbs, Opiates) affects the person long term. Checking to find out who has a problem, and addressing it early, could essentially stop the land slide that is a drug addiction. Drugs are not cool and have never been so. Dealers have put this image into the minds of students to keep a steady supply of demand for whatever drug they are distributing. Every single person out there would be a better person if they never did drugs. (Excluding psychopaths, sociopaths, and bi polar) Those people need to be medicated in order to live relatively normal functioning lives. The music industry has a heavy affect on this as well. If I ever have children I would never want them to pick up any substance for as soon as they do chances are if they enjoy the experience they will want to try more. It all starts at a very small level and takes years to develop however marijuana is most certainly a gate way drug. If people do not smoke pot most never seek to try anything else. All the heavy pot users I knew tried other drugs and some did alright others had to go to rehab. This is a serious issue in america and testing would help it. I believe the expense would be well worth the outcome.

  • Yes they should be able to

    Oh yeah if you say no im sorry but that's kinda dumb no offence. But of course you should get tested randomly to see if your on drugs or some product that's bad for you. If your like no wait a few days. THEY probably want it out of there system. Thanks for reading bye bye

  • They shouldn't be using drug anyway!

    Some people might think that its a innovation of privacy but really why are they doing drugs in the first place? I understand that weed might be legal but what about all the other drugs? They can kill kids inside and mess up the ability to actually commit to sports.

  • Yes yes yes

    I personally feel its a good idea ,,I mean students are involved in drugs and this can be a way of ensuring a much safer academic environment for other students who aren't really involved in drugs. As long as its a clinical safe then its not a problem,sure thanks ,sure

  • No bc they rnt bad

    I do dem on tha daily nd it dnt mke me no less smrtr. I do not agre wit tis statment pls remov all yes i dun wan to gt test-ed it wud mak me vry sad and disapinted so pls no drag test-ed peaople. Ty sm for listning to my stry

  • Students shouldn't be randomly tested for drug use

    To show students that you generally don't trust them and expect them to be using drugs, is undermining their independence and respect. If we are to randomly drug test students, we should randomly drug test everyone. Students are no more likely to be using drugs than people who are not students. Students have rights too and should be respected and treated as respected members of the community, not harassed for their potential bad decisions.

  • Students should not be randomly drug tested

    Drugs in schools are a serious problem and it is difficult to know how to address the problem, but randomly testing all students would not be a feasible answer. The majority of students do not take drugs so to subject them to the invasion of drug testing is not fair. Students whose drug use causes problems at school are usually found out through other means and these ways are generally sufficient.

  • Waste of money.

    Junior high and senior high school students should not get random drug tests. It is a waste of money. If parents are concerned that their children are using they have a right to get their child tested and discipline as necessary. Government and schools do not have a right to do so. It is a violation of student rights.

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