Should junior high school students be allowed to leave school grounds at lunch?

  • Yes they should

    Students should be allowed to leave school property during lunch because certain kids have allergies to certain food and schools don't have the food that applies to these kids they could have a ta that could take the kids to the certain places so that they can make sure the students are safe

  • Yes we should let us eat off school campus

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. We need to eat off school campus and change these rule fast. It no fair to see your friends eating good food and you stuck with school lunch. We should be aloud to eat off school and tell school superattendet and quick.

  • I agree with students being able to leave during their lunch

    I believe that because there are small children in jr.High that doesn't give enough evidence about why they can't go with friends to lunch if they don't want nasty school lunch they should be able to leave during that 30 min break. If they are so young than maybe they shouldn't be a 7th to 9th grader if your child is mature enough than they should be able to leave

  • They are not kids any more.

    These guys are not just little kids needing to walked across the street. These guys are teenagers and need to be more independent in their food and life choices. When you send you kid to school you are putting them in the hands of trained professionals and to follow their rules.

  • Yes, under certain circumstances junior high school students should be permitted to leave school during their lunch period.

    In special cases, where a parent or guardian is present or gives the child permission, junior high students should be allowed to leave school grounds during lunch. Many schools are not equipped to supply students with warm, healthy school lunches. If a child has access to a healthy, nutritious meal elsewhere, they should be able to go and eat it. Also, many families cannot afford school lunches and do not qualify for free lunch programs. Why further punish these children by forcing them to brown bag it or go hungry, if their parents have a warm, high-quality meal waiting for them at home?

  • Yes, junior high students should be able to have a break from school when possible.

    When adequate transportation is available or eateries are in walking distance, junior high children should be able to make their own decisions and leave school to have lunch elsewhere if desired. It helps foster independence, punctuality and decision making skills. It also helps ensure trust between teachers and students, something that is typically lacking.

  • Junior high students are too young to leave school grounds for lunch.

    While leaving school grounds is reasonable for more mature high school students, junior high aged students are too young to leave school grounds. Some junior high students are as young as eleven. In many cities, it is just too dangerous for eleven year-olds to be permitted to wander the streets without a chaperone.

  • No, junior high students are not safe off campus.

    No, junior high school students should not be allowed to leave school grounds at lunch because these students are too young to care for themselves. Leaving for lunch requires walking on busy streets and interacting with the general public, which includes individuals who may wish to harm the children. Students in junior high are not capable of managing their own safety off campus.

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