Should junior high schools make a lounge for their students?

  • Lounges for high school

    Lounges would give students opportunities to work together, as well as work on anything they want, even if it requires a computer. Sticking students in study halls is a waste because it prevents interactions with other students, it limits their ability to use the internet, and doesn't give them the right to do anything but work.

  • We should so

    Middle schooners should have a lounge. They need a place to chill and relax and chillax. They could be hanging out with their friends. They could be doing homework. They could be sucking face, for all I care. Them middle schooners so need a place to just be free without any teachers being there.

  • Junior High Lounge: A reality

    A lot of pressure is put on Junior High students. This is coming from a junior high student myself. Students like me need to relax. And at most middle schools, they have a library, cafeteria, and computer lab which is NEVER open. A junior high lounge would be very relaxing. My vision of the lounge is amazing. It would open up to a courtyard with 2 ponds. It would be spacious, and nice. They can make room for it. With a junior high lounge, life would be easier for students like me.

  • Junior High School Lounge's:

    I believe there should be a lounge for students in junior high school because students often get stressed out and end up losing focus on their work and teachers. With a student lounge, students are able to relax and get away from all the stress. Also they can study there with their own free will or simply read. They can work on projects and assignments without all the noisy kids, sounds, or distractions.

  • Lounge for students

    Yes, us students should be able to have a lounge. We get bored of out harsh, world and need some fun in our lives. We deal with our parents issues, and its about time for us to have some time to ourselves. This lounge would help us with our issues.

  • A Junior High Lounge is a Great Idea!

    In my school, there's a lot of stress put on us. It's unreasonable. I think a junior high lounge is the perfect spot to hang out with friends during a lunch break or during a possible free period. Junior high students should not be feeling the same pressure a high school student feels, as I have a sister in high school who is feeling the exact same rush as I am to do everything in time and correctly. So a junior high lounge is perfect for someone like me.

  • Of course students require a lounge.

    It provides comfort for students in every way. Students can help eachother with homework if one person doesn't understand it. Students can also feel the comfort of not having a teacher keeping tabs on them. Students can also feel safe in this lounge. I hope you find what i said reasonable.

  • Oh Hell Ya.

    Why the fuck would you say no?! At this prision, I need a place to relax. ANd at a fucking student lounge, oh hell ya. THe people who curse and say no, go home and stop posting. Fuckheads like you need to think about your actions. So i vote yes.

  • They get a break from class to have some free time.

    They will need some time off of work to get finished from any work that needs to get done that they can just work on it and talk to friends and also make some friends. And also can calm down from any work that they have during class . .

  • They get a break from class to have some free time.

    They will need some time off of work to get finished from any work that needs to get done that they can just work on it and talk to friends and also make some friends. And also can calm down from any work that they have during class . .

  • Making a lounge for students will make them lazier than they are already getting.

    It will disapprove discipline in schools and make children lazy and fat. Keep children moving in order to keep them in class on time and in a respectful manner. Children do not work hard enough to warrant giving them a lounge where they can cause trouble and vandalize anything that may be build in the lounge.

  • Public? Hell no. Private? I don't care.

    If we are talking about building a lounge for kids at the most destructive and stupid part of their lives, ages 11 to 13 or so, at the cost of taxpayers, HELL NO. Those kids have iPads, iPhones, and an iWant it kind of attitude that I despise. Forget them, they can play outside instead of sext each other in an air conditioned room, getting fat and stupid.

    If this is a private school, I don't have to pay for it, so I don't care, but I am against it for the reasons detailed above. Have a nice day.

  • Junior High: Preparation for High School

    First off, your visualization of a lounge is thoughtful and creative, but would be wasted among middle schoolers.

    Maybe more pressure is being put on middle schoolers. I wouldn't know. But I highly doubt that that pressure is equivalent to the stress felt by many high school students or college students. Most junior high school students don't spend the remainder of the day there unlike high school or college students. From my experience, middle school students attend class, get their lunch break and their little amount of free time at lunch to play outside or socialize outside of the classroom and go back to class, but middle schoolers don't exactly need a "lounge", per se.

    If your library, computer lab and cafeteria are never open, find out why. Are they closed for a reason, such as construction or health risks? If not, ask your teacher. Ask someone in charge and find out why they are closed. Areas like that shouldn't be closed off to students for no reason. Petition to get those areas back and use those.

    A lounge for middle schoolers? I've got a better idea - let's spend what little money we have left for your education and use it for that instead of a lounge. You'd probably be more comfortable at home, relaxing with friends anyway.

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Logical.Assasinator says2013-12-03T03:25:42.907
No. Children today are so mean and entitled today they don't deserve the IPODs, IPADs, Internet and cellphones. Children need more academics, more classes in session and less fooling around. So I say no to the lounge idea because these middle schoolers need more academics and tougher standards.