• It is affecting youths all over the US.

    There are more obese kids every year and the number keeps on rising and one day mostly all the kids in the US will be obese. We should be taking better care of our kids and make them actual healthy food not some plastic cheese that they give us in our burgers.

  • Food ads are designs specifically to target younger children

    The foods ads are designed to target the brain and the ads which target the younger children which are vital for the survival for the big corporations's survival as they need the younger generation to be hooked to fast foods, these ads are a leading cause for obesity in younger children as they are easily tempted to these fat foods and since the availability fast foods every where, today the children can easily access them and this causes an increase in their rates of consumption of these foods and not to mention this financially bad for the parents too and many of these fast foods aren't healthy the child's health becomes a great concern.

  • Junk food advertising is just another type of advertising

    Junk food advertising is only another type of advertising which means those companies advertising are also just businesses trying to stay afloat. Don’t pull a fast one on fast food! Just because junk food is unhealthy in overindulgence, Doesn’t mean you have a right to say they can’t introduce their product to the world. Would doctors also try to ban ads for La-Z-Boy couches because if you spend your day sitting on a couch, You could get lazy, Fail school (because you didn’t do your homework) and end up obese because you haven’t moved in days? I think not. There are many different reasons why people become diabetic and obese. Not all problems can be blamed on foods with a high content of cholesterol, Sugar and fat. Both conditions mentioned can be genetic so some people have a higher chance of developing these health conditions without eating loads of junk food. Not only is unhealthy food advertisement just another type of advertisement, But when people can’t control themselves and become diabetic, The company selling the product didn’t cause that, The person did.

  • I absolutely see no problem.

    This may be a little one but why should they be banned? Because hey cause obesity? That is wrong why? People are the ones who choose obesity not the food.Ads don't lead people to eat unhealthily. Ads instead allow people to have jobs to live in the harsh life.
    And my belief is that people have more lives to choose this obesity and normal size.

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