Should junk food advertising be banned during children's television programs?

  • Junk food is unhealthy.

    Hi! My name is Kyle and I am 14 years old. I think junk food ads should be banned because, I was obese at the age of 12 and it was from junk food television ads. I was really depressed and sad. After my workout I had to get back into shape, I can do more of the things I want to do! I was really happy. I am a trainer at Newport Athletics Club, I run Marathons. I am really happy and I think people should get back into shape.

  • your kid is fat

    although it isn't the governments responsibility to watch over our kids health, it would really help if they didn't try to persuade or trick them into buying it. i try to take care of my kids health but it isn't easy with all those programs and ads going on on tv especially if i don't know hes watching them like on a kids channel.. i wouldnt even know!


    Junk food is just a rubbish but children likes it. Junk food causes children to get fat and they don't know which one is healthy and which is UNHEALTHY. I think that advertisement from TV are getting in the way, trying to convince children because children don't have any idea how bad is junk food. It also causes CANCER!!!! I believe that junk food should be gone from our world

  • I think it should stop now.

    Loads of kids are now getting fat for their age. Also, they will grow up unhealthy and then give it away and say "oh its so healthy" when its not. Ads are getting in the way; all kids want to get food from the ads. A lot of ads are food now; people listen to food ads and say to their parents "Can I have this and that." So stop this now!!!!!!!!!

  • Should it be?.. of course!! At every time and everywhere!

    The shops and fast food restaurants are already everywhere! Why would you need extra advertising? It puts pictures and ideas in their minds and gets them to think that a bit of sport will compensate with what they will eat there.
    Seriously, the food is full of sugar, fat, palm oil, salt and more sugar AGAIN! That's what makes you want to eat it and more. Poor children are obese at 3 years old! This is unnatural and I definitely think it should be AT LEAST banned from T.V programs!
    That's what I think.

  • It does help .

    My brothers and sisters stop wanting fast food and candies the less they watched commercials. It works with me too. I always want something to eat when I see those commercials even though I know its bad for me. Turning off the tv during dinner also helps.

  • Banning these ads would influence children's decisions to eat junk food.

    I watched cartoons all the time growing up in the 90's and the 2000's and McDonald's (and its competitors) lured kids in with the toys they had that month in their happy meal on TV. I begged my parents all the time to take me to McDonalds because I wanted to get the Taz toy to finish my Space Jam train or get the mini giraffe version of my TY Beanie Baby. If those ads weren't on TV, I wouldn't have been influenced to ask my parents all the time. I think you're pretty ignorant if you think those ads don't have some influence on kids eating junk food... just like how Sarah Palin doesn't believe in dinosaurs... that kind of ignorance.

  • We are learning more and more about the adverse affects of junk food on children

    Children are very easily influences consumers but they are also consumers who need to be protected by adults. It is now well known that junk food causes a number of major issue's in children and can affect their concentration, levels of aggression and definance and general behavior. Junk food has also been found to make a number of conditions significantly worse including bed wetting, asthma, exma, ADHD, Autism and mood disorders.

    Our children are too young to protect themselves and we need adults to protect them. This generation has more overweight children than any other generation in history,

    We should not be glorifying things that are unhealthy.

  • Junk food advertising deffernitly should be banned

    It target inerscent people to by junk food because the adverts are played around dinner time. This is cruel and will cause childrwn and adults to dispute over what to eat for dinner. This will cause family members to argue and fight.

  • Yes it helps (new one)

    It should be banned as my son has already had an addiction for the unhealthy food, and this is just an example of thousands. By the way I do not have any son.

  • Everyone has the freedom of choice when it comes to food.

    There is no true legal grounds to support it, and honestly, everyone has the right to choose. Eating junk food is a life choice and should not be shamed. It's also a double edged sword to put forth a ban on ads and could hurt industry. This will not even do anything to stop the problem. Does anyone honestly pay attention to commercials anyway?

  • Junk food advertisements should not be banned during children's programming, because it's the parents who should regulate what their kids eat or watch, not the companies.

    If a corporation rightfully purchases advertising time during a program, it is up to them what they want to advertise. It is not up to anyone else what they can or cannot advertise, as long as it follows the current FCC guidelines for what can be aired during daytime hours. It is up to the parents to decide what their kids watch, and also what their kids eat.

    Posted by: TiresomeLorenzo
  • No, advertisements of junk food should not be banned on television programs.

    While junk food might be harmless to one's health (especially to children), we have no right to ban it for it is a way to publicize the company's product. How can a product be known if it is not advertised? And while word of mouth is more effective, how can it reach to other people who has no knowledge of it? So, pray tell, how can the company earn money when there obviously is no or less costumers (than they have now) that they have. It is not the responsibility of the company who makes junk foods to take care and warn children that too much will destroy their good health. It is the responsibility of the children's parents to inform and make them aware of the negative things that the junk foods can bring. Although I suggest advertisements to add an information or warning which is understandable and simple to children. It should also be influential and not boring. There is nothing wrong with advertising junk foods but what is wrong is that over-eating them. Remember: Too much is bad.

  • No, the government has no right to regulate junk food.

    What has become of America when we feel that the government has a right to regulate what we can eat? The federal government was not established to control every aspect of our lives. Adult American should have the ability to make their choices, and live with the consequences of those choices. Parents should decide what their children eat and watch, not uncle Sam.

    Posted by: BriaBlacken
  • It's their choice.

    The parents should decide what they watch and what they will be getting anyways, Also the companies advertising the junk food are not doing anything illegal, It's basically like saying you're not allowed to advertise vegetables on a normal television channel. It's all food. A child could beg his or her parents for anything.

  • no it should not

    No it shouldn't because they're trying to sell their product nothing more, and if parents don't want that for their kids then they should just change the channel. Fast foods pay a lot just to be shown for like 30 seconds and if you don't wanna see their advertising there are other people who do, so i don't think they should be banned.

  • The junk food businesses make their MONEY off of this.

    If you where to ban this form of accuall food we call "Bad", there would be more than an economical effect. The companies selling these junk foods would have no choice but to raise their prices, due to the loss in advertising. Advertising allows people to think "Hey, I might try this." In turn, they go out and buy some Hershy's. If you where to ban the advertisements, there would be no "Hey, I should try this." Thus the companies would crash. Look directly to your left, you see all the people who said "Yes". ANYONE WHO VOTES YES TO THIS, THINK ABOUT THE HERSHY'S KISS YOU HAD YESTERDAY AT WORK!

  • No, a buissinesses right to advertise is protected by the first amendment

    If a company wants to advertise it should be able to advertise whenever, where ever, and however they want. Their rights are protected by the first amendment. Getting rid of advertising to children will not end obesity, the parent is ultimately responsible for their child's health.

  • I believe children should form their own opinions about food choices.

    I feel that parents should take responsibility of teaching children healthy habits. They should not blame unhealthy eating on only the advertising on tv. Teach the children what is healthy, what is not, and ultimately they must make their own choices. While they're still children, the parents have the choice whether or not to buy the junk food for them.

    Posted by: EIIioChatty
  • Junk food advertising should not be banned during children's television programs, this would accomplish nothing.

    To think that banning junk food advertising during kid's TV programs would somehow encourage children to eat less junk food is just absurdly idealistic. Children know what types of foods taste the best because of their experiences eating, not because of television advertising. Junk food advertising is aimed at the parents; not the children. If you don't want your kid to be eating unhealthy food then don't buy it.

    Posted by: TwoVic

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