• Yes it should

    Obesity. There are more obese children than ever before. Some countries do not have these issues.
    Hyperactivity. Children naturally have a ton of energy. Recess is often worked into the school day for younger kids. Allergies. When it comes to remaining healthy, Junk food and processed foods are a big problem.

  • No, I don't think so

    I don't think that it is worth prohibiting junk food in schools, Because if a child wants to eat junk food, Then he'll do it. If there's no junk food in schools, This doesn't mean that it won't be in stores. And only he himself will decide whether to eat unhealthy food or not.

  • W t f

    Hell no. If people want junk food let them have it. You guys are concerned about "ChIlD oBeSiTy"? Ok then, Let them be responsible about it. It will help them learn to make their own choices in the future. Ok im done. Ok im done. Ok im done. Ok im done.

  • No no no

    Yeah obesity needs to be addressed, But this isn't the right way. It really does nothing banning it. Even banning it, Limits the fundraisers for school. It might help a bit with the sinking ship, But this would be way done the road. When I was in school it was allowed and I pretty much always brought my own lunch than the crappy school food.

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Malbec says2021-03-07T08:28:57.287
Yes it should, It’s utter junk

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