• When can we start?

    Of course, junk food should be taxed! Just imagine: Two of America's biggest problems would be reduced- obesity and diabetes. Citizens would learn a healthy lifestyle and when was that ever wrong? Also, we unnecessary taxes can be banned in replacement of this new one. The money from the taxes can go into important things such as education or providing home shelters. Yes, we might be taxing junk food, but it was never banned. We're simply improving America.

  • Obesity is an Epidemic in America

    It would be a simple sin tax, just like what we already have on alcohol, tobacco, gambling (where it's sold) and marijuana (where it's sold). So, what's the problem with having a simple sin tax on unhealthy food.

    More to the point, America's obesity rate is out of control. As a country, we need to look at the difficult choices we need to make to fight obesity.

  • Absolutely, It should be taxed.

    Junk food should have a tax placed upon it. I believe in this argument because of the easily reconsidered facts. Many people may believe that it taste good and is not as bad for you as it seems but, it is actually worse than it seems. If you look at the state that most of our people in the united states are in. It dose not look good. How many times have you gone into a gas station and seen a unfit persons buying candy bars or other types of junk food. If you believe that you can eat all the junk food you wish without any consequence. Then take a look around you, you just could turn into them. We should end the suffering now and tax junk food. Help end obesity with us.

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    I ask myself,do i even care SSSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW the people who even talk about this.I dont agree with either but if you sell so much junk at low price and they want to eat it,then why should i care?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I wont be the one to control their diets or who gets heart attacks,diabetes,lung cancer,eta. That is their fault for eating their choice,lifestyle and their ####. Im not a trash to have time for you ##### to talk about it.Since i wasted to much time i will wrap this up by saying SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW THE ##### people who care about fighting over this dumb topic.

  • The Need for Personal Choice

    No one in power should push against the personal choices of others. In this case, the government is pushing against junk food by taxing it, which obviously lowers its appeal and use. It may seem fairly straight forward to tax junk food. It is extremely unhealthy, and leads to large problems of obesity.

    But it is also a choice that those people made. They weren't coerced into eating junk food. Rather, they weighed the pros and cons of their decision, and decided to eat junk food.

    Allowing the government to guide your morality and choices is a dangerous path. If you follow it, you will find that those same arguments hold true for other things as well.

    For example, video games can be construed as a negative to society. It isn't actually going to destroy society, but the "argument" could still be made. In abundance, it limits time, which could be spent doing more productive things. Also, for most consoles, aside from the Wii and Kinect, you play sitting down, staring at a screen. Obviously unhealthy and unwise.

    But I'm not calling for a tax on video games. I don't believe it is right to regulate what other people do with their life and their time. Likewise, I'm not calling for a tax on junk food. If people make the choice that they want to do something harmful, then let them. I shouldn't regulate your life, just as you shouldn't regulate mine.

  • Taxed for what?

    I see no good reason to tax something just to tax it. Junk food is unhealthy so the government needs more money in sales tax when I buy it, money for what? Coincidentally, this is a country where grocery stores have the cookie aisle, the soda aisle, and an aisle for all the ingredients needed to bake a cake. Even a motorized scooter to bring you to each one.

  • Absolutely, not. Period.

    If Darwin's theory is to hold true in any way then this stupid assertion must be warred upon. Let those with needs, be fed. Eat it up!!!!! That crap food is good for you! Hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah!!!!! Tax Capitalistls are Communists. So, I have to fill his void, and I will say....Derrrrrrrrrr, you are stupid.

  • Not any way!

    Now, I understand that it is bought a lot and can make a LOADDD of profit, nobody would buy it anymore due to overcharged items. I know I certainly wouldn't. They need to leave it the way it is and not mess with society as we know it. Just stop

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