• No Junk Food in Schools

    By Wyatt
    I think junk food should be banned in schools. Junk food should be banned because it can negatively affect you mentally, Physically and can damage your future health. Let's get to the reasons.
    Here are some ways junk food negatively affects your mind. If you eat too much junk food it can lead to depression, Because junk food lacks essential nutrients. A healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining emotional balance. Also, Junk food can make it harder to focus and pay attention to class. Junk food often contains lots of unhealthy ingredients including sugar. Sugar can make it feel like you have lots of energy but it wears off quickly. When this happens you feel very sleepy and this could make it hard to focus.
    In addition, Junk food can affect you physically. Eating too much junk food can cause you to gain lots of weight which could lead to obesity. Eating non-nutritious foods all the time can lead to obesity because we need healthy ingredients to keep our bodies energized and healthy. Excessive amounts of processed sugar can cause dental problems such as rotten teeth. Junk food is often fried in unhealthy oils which can impair digestion. The unhealthy oils cause irritation in the stomach and they lack fiber which is good for proper digestion.
    Furthermore, Junk food can lead to bad habits which affect your health. If you love junk food and eat it every day you become addicted to it. Eating junk food every time you are hungry may make you feel chronically fatigued. This also means you have a higher risk for cancer and heart disease, Which is bad and scary.
    In conclusion, I think junk food should be banned in schools to help kids stay mentally and physically healthy. I hope you make healthy choices. Healthy food can be tasty too! Try to eat healthier food. You should share your opinion on debate. Org like me.

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