Should jurors nullify more criminal cases against African American defendants?

  • Yes,jurors should nullify more criminal cases against African American defendants.

    Since the criminal justice system is so uneven,jurors might consider nullification as a way to make the system more even.This might especially be applicable on cases concerning minor crimes which might not be considered serious enough to warrant a correct verdict when weighed with all the injustice that occurs in the system.

  • Maybe they should

    It is hard to say for sure I mean it may probably be better to nullify some of the ones that they think they could do without to allow them more room to focus on more important goals that they may have. It may help the African American people also.

  • That's just discrimination

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  • No, this would be reverse discrimination.

    While there's little doubt that racism still exists and that African-Americans are charged with more crimes than whites, this doesn't mean that people should get off with committing crimes. There are things police shouldn't do, like when they pull over a black person for driving a nice car, which sadly happens. But jurors should go by the evidence and convict people without respect to race. They should only look at the evidence, not the color of a person's skin.

  • Nullification Defeats the Purpose of Prosecution

    Jury nullification is done in about 3 percent of cases. Keep in mind, only two percent of cases filed even go to trial, so instances of nullification in the United States are rare. Nullification doesn't have to have a reason, but juries can do so if they feel the crime shouldn't have been prosecuted in the first place. Juries shouldn't nullify more cases against African American defendants because that defeats the purpose of the American justice system of prosecuting and innocence until proven guilty.

  • Juries Shouldn't Nullify More African American Criminal Cases

    While African Americans from the past few decades have faced countless dirty trials, juries shouldn't actively go back and modify these sentences. Criminal cases that need to be reopened should go back through the court system. Taking an active approach to turning over convictions makes this more of an illegitimate hunt.

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