• Jury Duty fees

    Being selected for a jury member on a trial case is a significant event. Many times there is controversial cases and it can be nerve racking for many jurors. Being away from family and your normal daily routines can be life impacting. So they should be compensated more for going through these difficult times.

  • But penalties if wrong

    Jurors should be paid more for their civic service (since it's a serious duty that needs to be taken seriously, at the price of people's daily life), but what would make the jury process even more successful in the end would be if jurors were penalized if their verdicts were found to be false.

  • No, they should consider it an honor.

    Serving on a jury, people tend to get paid very little, and it doesn't make up for the days they have to take off work. Personally, though, I think it's our civic duty to serve on a jury if called to do so, and that it should be considered an honor and responsibility. Because of that, I feel that compensation should be somewhat minimal. That being said, workplaces should also contribute and help, perhaps giving the person paid time off.

  • They make enough

    When I was picked to go to jury duty, I was going to be paid 45 dollars a day, plus a certain amount for each mile I drove. This amount may have been less that what I would have made working, but jury duty is a civil service that we should all do.

  • Service To Your Country

    People are called to jury duty as a result of being a registered voter. Overall people rarely experience the inconvenience of having to do be on a jury and it is actually quite easy to be screened out. Jurors are paid $40 a day or after ten days of service up to $50 a day. I see jury duty as part of a service to our country and therefore do not feel that the payment should be any higher.

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