Should Jury Duty be a Citizen's Obligation?

Asked by: AndrejG
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  • Jury duty should not be an obligation

    I feel it should not be an obligation due to the fact the justice system does not work for black americans. It is set up only for the rich and undeserving white people. I went for a jury duty and told them that I don't want to be a juror and the attorney scolded me as if I was a child and that I'm obligated to do so. Why should I care about sitting on a jury for someone who is being tried for murder or anyone in matter. The system does not work for me nor has it ever in time. As a black American and as my ancestors built this city on blood, Sweat and tears with no justice of our killers, Rapist, Molesters at all. Still this day it does not work black men who has been locked up for years for crimes they did not commit and are now being released. This is ridiculous. No it should not be an obligation. No white man or women has never done anything but drag us and tried to keep us down as long as possible. I will never serve as a juror nor do I want to be one. I always get out of them one way or the other.

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