Should Justin Beiber be charged with a felony for egging his neighbor's house?

  • He is a criminal and he should be tried like anyone else

    Justin beiber may be a celebrity and a pop favourite but that does not mean he can get away scot free without facing the consequences f his actions. He is a person just like you or me and if we can get tried for the same crime why cant he?

  • He committed one

    In California, egging a neighbor's house as Justin Bieber did, is considered a felony. He acted to destroy or damage property without the owner's consent or permission, which is a felony. Honestly, even if he's charged with a felony he's not likely to get more than a fine or some light community service.

  • Bieber Deserves Charges

    Without a doubt, Justin Bieber should be charged with a felony for the incident in which he egged his neighbors home. The fact of the matter is that such behavior is dangerous and should not be tolerated. His celebrity status should not be used as an excuse to avoid punishmentm.

  • If The Owners Want To Press Charges

    I believe Justin Beiber should be charged with a felony for egging his neighbor's house, especially if the owners of the property want to pursue charges. This child needs to learn respect for laws and property and who best to teach him than the United States justice system. It's not okay to egg your neighbors house. How childish.

  • Yes, for the damage he caused.

    I can't remember the figure, but the estimated damage was very high. Throwing eggs is destructive and he should face charges for that, not to mention for the other things he's done. Kids, the lesson here is not to throw eggs. Use toilet paper instead, it just hoses off. Eggs cause all sorts of mess, including serious property damage. This isn't just "I'm going to use this pen on the bathroom wall!" mini-vandalism, and the charges should reflect that.

  • Yes he should

    The damage was estimated at 25,000 dollars. If the actual damage is found out to be over 500, then it is considered a felony. How can this guy get away with drag racing on drugs and committing that much damage to someones house. I used to believe no one is above the law, but I'm starting to have doubts.

  • No,As much as i hate justin bieber i can't say that he should.

    Spending time in prison for throwing eggs is a very harsh sentance he should pay a fine but not time in prison however i would give him time in prison for what he did a month ago that we all have heard of , driving twice the allowed speed under the influence of alcohol , marijuana , and perscription drugs and having an expired driving license and resisting arrest

  • No, I think that it was a misdemeanour

    Egging his neighbours house is wrong; but I don't think that it is a felony. You shouldn't serve twelve months for egging your neighbours house. Instead of a felony; I think that this crime was a misdemeanour, and should have to pay a fine to the neighbour concerned. I don't know why he's egging people's houses at his age. Probably because he's an idiot. One thing that I've noticed is he seems to be committing more crimes than he releases singles.

  • Fair punishment for all, even for "that guy"

    The justice system is probably trying to export this lil boy out of the USA. Maybe all of the other cases added up and the judge sentence this lil man in to the system. Harsh punishment for throwing eggs, and even for a dui. Jail time or community service is reasonable, but prison time, he is not going to be a better man that way. Unless they lock him in there for a year or more.

  • Though he is awful

    Bieber is awful, let's get that out of the way to begin with. That being said, Bieber should not be charged with the egging because almost nobody else would be charged with the same crime - in other words, he'd be charged purely because he's a celebrity, which isn't justice at all.

  • It should be a misdemeanor.

    No, Justin Beiber should not be charged with a felony for egging his neighbor's house, because that kind of behavior should be charged as a misdemeanor. Beiber's activity amounted to graffiti, malicious destruction of property, or disturbing the peace. A felony is too harsh of a penalty for what Beiber did. The punishment should fit the crime.

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knightj says2014-02-08T11:54:28.973
Yes, and crimes against the music industry

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