• Yes he should.

    Justin Bieber has been causing chaos through out the country. He spits on his die hard beilibers. He drag races. He denies using weed even though we have him on tape. He is a reckless drunk who can't even take care of himself let alone defend himself. He needs to go.

  • Justin can stay in America if he wishes to do so.

    I'm not a fan of Justin, and I'm certainly not a die-hard Belieber, but Justin has the right to live wherever he wants to. Justin Bieber is still very young, and he has been in the spotlight and constantly bombarded with excess amounts of fame from a young age. Justin might be acting like a care-free person on the outside, but he might be hurting on the inside. He may not even have the proper guidance to help him stay on the right path. We simply cannot judge Justin based on how the media portrays him. After all, he may be a completely different person than what meets the eye.

  • It won't change things

    The issue isn't Justin himself, the issue is that people keep talking about him. By having this thread it keeps perpetuating the problem. If we just ignore him he will eventually just go away. Is he an idiot, sure. But what we need to do to him is ignore him like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum, because that is really all he is anyways.

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