• He sucks ass

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  • Everyone for America.

    I can't seem to fathom how this is even an option. What has Justin Bieber done so wrong that would provide evidence as to why he should be deported? No, he is not a model citizen. Yes, he has made quite a few spectacles of himself that have been frowned up. However, he has done serious harm to anyone or explained any serious ill views of America. He's living his life and living the American dream. It just caught up to him too quickly and he needed time to adjust.

  • No, Justin Bieber should not be deported back to Canada.

    Justin Bieber is not a dangerous person and has not committed major crimes. He should not be deported back to Canada. He has been a great revenue generator for the United States of America, and should be allowed to continue his work and life within the country. He has not done anything to deserve punishment such as deportation.

  • Kid being a kid

    Justin Beiber, while technically an adult, is still a young man making mistakes. He has committed some crimes but nothing severe enough to be deported. He has just been learning how to deal with his newfound power, money, and influence. Nothing he has done illicits the need to ban him from America.

  • Justin Bieber should not be deported.

    There is no reason that Justin Bieber should be deported back to Canada. He HAS done some stupid things, but he hasn't done too many horrible things that most kids his age hadn't done at one point or another. Granted drunk drag racing is a horrible thing to do, but so many kids do that in America and we don't plan on deporting them, so why Bieber?

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