Should Justin Bieber serve time for all he has done against people?

Asked by: GreenMile
  • I get dogged all the time for not listening to JB

    Justin should be arrested for the following reasons:
    1. If you don't like him you are called a hater, bully, and many other things
    2. He's a harm to the species
    3. Wy are we letting an 18 year old get rich off of his hair?
    4. The only reason girls like him is because he's rich and has hair
    5. His voice literally sounds like crap

  • He has disrespected everyone in his wake. It's like you have to like him to not get egged or kicked.

    He thinks he has the world in the palm of his hands. He has no dignity and he has the wrong people around him. All of these celebs need a wake up call. He is obviously messed up thanks to his mother. I am a mother and we affect our children so we must do the best we can. She is a single mother, but I've seen what happens with the sorry card for the kids and it's not pretty. One never let's their kid know the meaning of right and wrong with consequences.

  • Yes, Do So!

    Take him to the UN to stand trial for crimes against humanity!
    His stupid songs have poisoned the minds of prepubescent and teenage girls alike, lowering their IQ exponentially.
    "Baby, baby, baby, oh... Baby, baby, baby, oh..." I cannot imagine how anyone could listen to that for long periods of time and retain their intelligence.

  • He put lives at risk.

    Justin Bieber was intoxicated and high. The fact that he was drag racing in his condition put the lives of innocent civilians at risk. In addition, he had an EXPIRED lisence and resisted arrest. Fourtunately for him, his delusional fangirls support that fact that he nearly killed himself and others.

  • Lock him up and throw away the key.

    I hope that Bieber gets the maximum sentence the law allows for driving after consuming alcohol and taking drugs, speeding, resisting arrest, driving without a valid licence (and therefore insurance). They should make an example of him.

    Also, they should ban his “music” from being played in public ever again.

    And, if he is ever released, they should deport him back to Canada. Of course he'll never be able to travel abroad as most countries won’t grant visas to people with criminal records. Actually, you could say that all his records are criminal anyway but, unfortunately, that doesn’t count with immigration officials.

  • He should be treated like everyone else

    Who gets in trouble with the law or with others. Just because you THINK you're a pop-star, or some other kind of celebrity, it doesn't mean you can get away with crap no one else can. You need to pay the same fines, spend the same time, wear the same color, and be slapped around society the same as us unknown po-folk

  • Of Course! What he is doing is not ok!

    Justin Bieber should face the consequences of his actions. It is obvious he has not learned his lesson by paying his way out of jail and other consequences. If he continues to rampage the streets of America, disrupting the lives of innocent people, he needs to be stopped. This is true for anybody who has committed a crime. It is unfair for him to ignore American laws, when everybody else has to. Though it is lawfully fair, considering he has to pay the fines charged against him, it is no where close to socially fair, because he makes so much more money than everybody else. Justin Bieber must be brought to fair justice!

  • Yes he should

    He has been disrespectful and he has been doing illegal things on camera. What else is there to say he should. He also thinks he's the best and everyone likes him he even tried to release a shoe line for men but no one would buy them so he had to release a perfume line instead. Ultimately i think he should.

  • He's just a singer

    First off, let me just say that I am one of the few people who don't really have an opinion on Justin Beiber. He's just a singer. He should not be put in jail for these "crimes" because even if he is a bad singer, how is it a crime? People pay him to sing so he sings; no suprise there. Also, for those who argue that they are criticized for not being a fan, it's the fans who do that. Overall, you can't put someone in jail for having too devoted of a fandom (even if people do think it's undeserved)

  • Community service, not jail time or a fine that he can laugh about.

    I consider Beiber a mediocre artist and not the sharpest person out there. If he is found guilty then he should receive what any other law breaker would received for the same violation. Serving time is harsh punishment and society doesn't gain that much from it. If it is not possible for him to respect our people and our laws, then he should be deported from the US.

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