• Yes, Justin Harris shall be put to death for his actions.

    What Justin Harris has done breaks all codes of humanity. Parents are entitled the job to take care of their children and while there have been many incidents where children have died in hot cars, it does not mean that parents, especially one such as Justin Harris should intentionally leave the child in a hot car so to let him/her die such a horrifying, gruesome and painful death. What Justin Harris has done is very wrong and he shall be put to death for it.

  • I am against the death penalty, but Justin Harris is sick.

    I am usually against the death penalty. However, the actions of Justin Harris are completely sickening. Not only did he kill his child, but his reaction afterwards are just as disturbing. I am always an advocate of forgiveness, but in this case I do not see any. I agree with the death penalty in this case.

  • Mercy For Guilty

    What will be this world if we all apply "an eye for an eye" principle?
    Death penalty is not justified because we are no god to take life of another human being. Justice must be and can be served without death penalty. Guilty's life is precious As ours. Live Long.

  • No, recognizing what he has done and living with it is good punishment.

    Harris' comments and actions before, during and after his son's death suggest he had given up on life. Giving him the death penalty is the easy way out. The more natural punishment is for him to come to the conscious realization of his actions at some point, and to ruminate about them.

  • He most certainly should not.

    There is absolutely no evidence supporting the conclusion that he deliberately murdered his child. He is guilty of second degree felony murder according to Georgia law, and that is not punishable by death. If someone wants to assert that Harris deliberately tried to kill his child, I will gladly accept a debate challenge on the subject.

  • Once he's found guilty

    I believe Justin Harris is guilty of the intentional murder of his child, however, it hasn't legally been proved yet, if he is convicted of the intentional and pre-meditated murder of his son then he should be put to death! But if he is found guilty of man slaughter then let him rot in prison.

  • He has not even been convicted yet.

    This man is being tried in the United States of America. He has NOT been convicted of the crime as of yet, and is therefore innocent until proven otherwise. We are not informed members of the jury, and are not qualified to make a decision at this point regarding his guilt or innocents. If he is found guilty, I believe he should receive treatment and rehabilitation. While the loss of a life is great, preventing the loss of a second life, is a greater waste. We should not resort to an eye for an eye as our punishment system. As a culture, we must recognize that in order to survive, we have to learn to cut our losses.

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