• Yes, He's More Popular Than Ever

    Yes, Justin Timberlake should definitely release a new album. He's hotter than ever, drawing crowds that are amazingly huge, no matter where he goes. His name is ever present in the news, and as long as the "train" is still on the rails for him, he should feed his fan frenzy.

  • Yes He Should

    Justin Timberlake definitely needs to release a new album. The demand for new music from him is definitely there. It has been a while since he released an album and many people would like to hear more music from him. He is very talented and it is a shame that he does not release a lot of music.

  • Yes, Justin Timberlake should release a new album.

    Why not? As long as the pop industry still plays to his favor, I don't blame him at all for capitalizing on it. By the sounds of his first single release, I am under the assumption that the CD was prefabricated to appeal to clubs and party people. Although he has a very gifted voice, it is always wasted on mainstream echoes and automated voice changes.

  • Sure why not

    While this is certainly a silly question for debate, I say sure why not. Let Justin Timberlake release another album. I do not mind his music, a lot of it is pretty catchy. People obviously enjoy it also because he always sells tons of records and his songs usually reach the top of the charts.

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