Should juvenile offenders and adult offenders be housed in the same cells?

  • I do think so

    Yes, it can be dangerous to house a juvenile with an adult inmate, but aren't they equally dangerous if they're being housed in the same cell? I do agree with the statement that young offenders are more vulnerable to sexual, physical, and emotional abuse from older prisoners. However, that would occur regardless of the ages of either inmates. Circular reasoning is being used here by many people, and I believe housing a juvenile and an adult in the same cell is questionable, but not completely inappropriate.

  • I don't think so

    In most cases when young offenders are housed with older criminals. The older criminals teach them the tricks of the trade and young offenders become more serious criminals.

    Also young offenders are more vulnerable to sexual, physical and emotional abuse from older prisoners.

    Separate cells and prisons are important to protect them.

  • No, they should not.

    I do not think juvenile offenders and adult offenders should be housed in the same cells. This could potentially be very dangerous for the juveniles and also be a horrible influence to them as well. Prisoners should be housed by crime and by crime only. Adults and juvies together makes no sense.

  • No, they should not be housed in the same cells

    We need to accept the fact that rape and murder happens a lot in prison. The juvenile offenders would be prime targets for these adult offenders. Rather than rehabilitating the juveniles as intended, it would only cause more mental damage. We don't even know how young the juvenile offender is to begin with. What if a young juvenile gets put into the same cell as a child molester? So no, they should not be put in the same cell.

  • They need to be housed separately.

    No, I do not believe that juvenile offenders and adult offenders should ever be housed in the same cells. While I'm all for trying some kids like adults for certain crimes, until they become an adult, I think they should be housed separately. Remember, we don't allow "cruel and unusual" punishment.

  • No, the shouldn't be.

    Juvenile offenders, unless they are very close to the adult age and have done some premeditated and horrific act of violence on someone else, should not be kept in jail with adult offenders. They should be educated as much as possible and not be made into worse criminals through adult influence.

  • Absolutely not. It will just turn into a apprenticeship for becoming a criminal.

    Not even in holding should juveniles be housed with adults. Kids should even be housed apart so that they can't convince each other that crime is somehow okay. The people who frequent the lockup aren't known for their scruples and they're often not above passing their skills on to the next generation. Kids do what kids do, which is learning. Even adult prisons are known as "criminal school" where older prisoners teach the younger ones how to be better at breaking the law and give them contacts on the outside. It's possible to make a new "friend" in just a few hours and if it's the weekend, it's a weekend sleep-away at Camp Criminal.

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GWL-CPA says2014-02-26T02:29:53.397
They all should be put to death; they will never be any good to society; not worth the cost of keeping them alive.

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