Should juveniles be charged and tried as adults?

Asked by: EroScythe
  • If they committed a serious offense

    Do adult crime do adult time. I know cases where minors have committed premeditated felonies, and here are some examples: the murder of James Bulger, the Jonesboro Middle School Shooting, crimes relating to two Supreme Court cases and I know one case where a 16-year-old girl manipulated her 22-year-old boyfriend into killing his ex-girlfriend. No matter how old someone is, they commit a heinous crime, they pay the price.

  • In most cases

    If a child is capable of committing an offense worthy of being brought before a court then surely they are capable of handling the consequences of their actions. However, I wouldn't throw them into our current prison system. I would have it replaced with a secure, boot camp style academy which would include daily schooling, and also include psychotherapy and group exercises to create the best possible chance for rehabilitation.

  • Kids Need To Be Taught Not Severely Punished

    If kids are committing serious crimes, why should they be treated and charged as adults when they will probably develop more anger towards someone rather than just putting them into juvenile detention. Also, most kids will get in severe trouble from their parents and they do deserve to be punished and they should be put into counseling and therapy but I don't believe that they should be treated and charged as adults.

  • In most cases, no....

    In most cases, I think that juveniles should get treatment, therapy, and punishment, but being tried as adult for things that are not murder or rape is an extreme punishment for kids/teens, who aren't fully developed or know what is going on in the world. Adult punishments should be saved for adults who know the difference between right and wrong, not for a kid who probably is treated terribly at home or who didn't know it was bad.

  • Juveniles need rehabilitation not prison.

    Instead of being tried as adults they should remain in the juvenile system in which they can receive care. For example in California there are programs in which they help juveniles get back into society. The programs offered in the United States have been proven and many of the juveniles become successful.

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