• Yes, in unique circumstances, juveniles should be charged as adults.

    Most of the time, juvenile offenses can be handled in a different way, such as through juvenile court and juvenile hall, trying to help reform the children before they take on a life of crime. But in serious, more violent cases, such as premeditated murder, I do believe that children should be tried as adults. They should not be able to get off easy just because of age, which is, in the worst of crimes, merely a technicality.

  • Juveniles should be charged as adults.

    There are many times when a juvenile commits an adult crime and they should pay an adult price.Some crimes are so violent such as murder and rape that there is no other choice but to charge the juvenile as an adult no matter what he or she says about not knowing what they are doing.

  • Juveniles should be charged as adults.

    Juveniles should be charged as adults. If a juvenile is going to commit the horrible act of the crime then they should be mandated to complete the time no matter what age they are. The court system for the most part want to give the juvenile a second chance and most of the time that fails.

  • It depends largely on the crime

    When it comes to serious crimes such as murder, rape, arson, assault with a deadly weapon and the like I would say yes. We all make mistakes growing up but very few of us murdered, raped or deliberately burned things down. If it is petty burglary, drugs, vandalism and the like I am willing to give them a break the first time. But after the first or possibly the second offense I figure they haven't learned their lesson and you have to get tougher with them.

  • Yes, Juveniles Should Be Charged As Adults

    A juvenile should be charged as an adult if the crime they commit is heinous enough to warrant the sentence for an adult. For example, a child who commits first degree murder (with malice of forethought) poses a danger to the entire society, and he/she should be punished under the maximum strength of the law.

  • Some Yes, Some No

    While it is true that older juveniles, over the age of 14 or so, should be charged as adults, younger ones, say ten years old, should not.
    Depending on a young person's mental health and mental ability, anyone over the age of 14 who commits an adult crime should be charged as an adult. Even some as young as 12, who are determined to have complete knowledge and understanding of the result that will come from their action, can be charged as an adult. As Baretta said: "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

  • Lacking the capacity

    There's a reason that there is a legal separation of juveniles and adults in criminal courts, and it's that juveniles are not mentally developed as adults, thus lacking the mental capacity to actually stand trial in an adult criminal court. No matter how severe the action, concessions must me made for those who are not legally adults.

  • No not usually.

    Under normal situations I do not think that a juvenile should be charged as an adult. I think only under extreme conditions when they did a crime more adult esque should that be taken into consideration. Aside from that I think that they should be charged as the age group they belong too.

  • It Really Depends

    Whether juveniles should be charged as adults really depends on the nature of the crime as well as a host of other factors. I don't think a blanket rule one way or the other is good policy. Each crime and the facts and circumstances surrounding it should be independently reviewed to make charging decisions.

  • Definitely Not

    All children make less than desirable mistakes at one point in their growing up. Blunders and bruises are how we learn, and even though punishment is deserved I think it shold be age appropriate. I know I made my fair share of unintelligent actions before I turned 18, and I think every one should be treated their age for their actions.

  • Definitely Not

    When a child is developing and growing up they make a lot of poor choices (albeit, some less bright than others). I know when I was under the age of 18 I made my fair share of blunders. While some mistakes are viewed less ethical than others every child should be treated like a child until they are not deemed as such. It's only fair and justified if someone is treated their age for their actions.

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