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  • If it is an adult crime then they should be treatd as such

    Yes, juveniles that commit adult crimes should be treated as an adult. At a certain age children know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Some choose to do the wrong thing because they are smart enough to know because they are a minor, nothing major will happen. To deter this type of behavior, in some cases juveniles should be treated as if they were adults.

  • Juveniles Should Not Be Treated As Adults

    Juveniles should NOT be treated as adults. Juveniles are kids that are still experiencing with things, they don't know right from wrong. They are also going through puberty and that can be a difficult time for them; drugs, sex, and things of that nature. You can't hold a child as an adult.

  • Treat People as What They are

    Children are children, juveniles are juveniles and adults are adults. Each should be treated as their age and abilities decree. Just as it doesn't work to treat a child of three the same as a teen of fifteen, ergo it doesn't make sense to treat a fifteen year old as an adult. They have not the abilities, experience, or emotional stability to act or live as an adult and to expect them to do so is unfair in the extreme.

  • NO, juveniles are juveniles

    Juveniles are not given adult rights for the very reason that they are not considered old enough to make the best decisions. When a juvenile makes a wrong decision, they should not be punished as an adult either. I guess I see that as the thrust of the question, however there are other areas in which juveniles may be treated as adults, for instance in deciding which parent they want to live with in a custody dispute. In these cases the juvenile is usually consulted but someone else makes the decision. That situation is another instance in which it is clear that a juvenile is not considered responsible enough to make important decisions.

  • No, juveniles should not be treated as adults

    Juveniles are just that; young people not yet grown to adulthood. The issue of treating juveniles as adults is similar to asking if new cars should be covered by a used car warranty. No! There's a reason that new cars have a new car warranty, and used cars have a used car warranty. Similarly, there is a reason that juveniles should be judged under their own set of rules, and adults judged under a different set. Punishments may be similar, but the standards of judgement needs to be different.

  • NO - Juveniles Should Be Treated As What They Are - Juveniles

    Intuition, experience, science, and faith all tell us that a child is not physically, emotionally, or socially developed enough such that it is fair to treat them like adults. Because they exhibit an intensely diminished ability for consequential thinking and are given to almost entirely controlling fits of emotion, juveniles should be treated as they are -- quasi-adults who, at times, need the protection of clearer thinkers.

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