Should juveniles be tried as adults for homicide?

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  • In certain cases

    Yes I think that juveniles should be tried as adults in a court of law for homicide and other violent crimes. I think that it depends on the age of the juvenile and maturity. Some young people need to be punished with the full extent of the law for certain crimes and not just get out in a few years.

  • I think they should

    Juveniles may not have as big of punishments as adults,but homicide is a serious thing,I mean were talking about murder here. Even though they're children,they should not kill other people,For one thing they're breaking one of the ten commandments,and murder is sometimes cause for the electric chair. That is why I think they should.

  • Get them while they're young!

    If a juvenile commits murder, they should be tried as an adult. They are taking somebody's life which is completely unforgivable. If a child is capable of doing this, there is clearly something not right. They are not going to grow up to be an upstanding citizen. They have a totally skewed moral compass which is not going to change. If they are not locked up now, how many more innocent people are going to die?

  • Juveniles are not adults

    Children, teenagers and even young adults have not fully developed their brains, impulse control and morality. Their crime is not the same as an adults who has reached their peak in mental development.

    Kids can be horrible but they often develop morality in their 20's so locking the a way for life is not really that helpful.

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