Should juveniles be tried as adults in murder cases?

  • A no brainer

    Children or youth that are willing to take somebody's life need to be punished to the full extent. It doesn't matter what age you are, you should serve a sentence for your horrific crime. Youth who commit murder sometimes get out of jail when they are 18, and that is unacceptable in every way

  • You can't qualify in an ACTUAL debate

    When debating you cannot play both sides of the argument. Saying things like "it depends" or "Only if" or "I kind of agree" are completely unacceptable and shall not be tolerated in actual debate. If you want to attack the other side then you must stand completely and utterly on your position even if you "kind of" agree.

  • Juveniles should be tried as adults

    If they are capable of committing a crime such as murder, then they are dangerous. They should not get a free pass for ending a person's life because of their age. Some juveniles view the juvenile justice system as that "free pass" and that adds to the danger of letting them off easy.

  • Juveniles should be tried as adults in murder cases.

    Juveniles should be tried as adults in murder cases. I think that it would be wrong to give a teenager a reduced sentence just because of their age. If they are willing and able to commit murder then they should be held to a sentence as anyone else in their position.

  • Juveniles should be tried as adults in murder cases.

    Murder is a heinous crime, and whoever commits it, no matter what their age, deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. If a minor is adult enough to take another person's life, they should have the courage to face a judge and jury as an adult also.

  • Murder is Horrible

    Murder is a terrible thing, and even kindergarten kids know murder is wrong. When it comes to another human being's life, kids should be tried as adults because of the seriousness of the crime. Kids shouldn't be thrown in adult jails if they are too young, but a long time in juvenile detention will help acclimate them to a possible lifetime behind bars.

  • Juvies shuold be tried as adults.

    I don't think that juveniles should be allowed to hide behind their age when it comes to sentencing for certain crimes. All violent crimes should have the perp treated as an adult. Some kids hide behind their age to get away with big crimes like this and it is wrong.

  • Juveniles should not be tried as adults in murder cases

    If a child has such a screw loose that they would kill someone then they don't need jail, Life sentencing, They need professional help. How ever amendment 8 states that there shall be no cruel and unusual punishment and some would think if you sentience a 14 a life is considered cruel and unusual.

  • Minors brains are not fully developed

    The frontal lope of the brain tells the person to stop and think. But minors frontal lope is not developed to the full capacity of an adult. But yet we want to charge them as if they are above 18. Adults have the ability to stop and think. Plus minors are more risk taking than adults are. It is not Just to charge a 13 yr old like we would for a 21 yr old.

  • It will not help them.

    There's nothing adult about making poor choices. We can not equate choosing bad decision as an 'adult' thing. It will never be an adult thing, if anything, it's a 'sick' thing. Juveniles need to be rehabilitated, and they need to serve time in a juvenile institution and not in an adult prison. You don't mix them. That's a big mistake!

    Posted by: AMQ
  • Depends on the case

    How people are tried depends on the person and on the crime, but people are too quick to try juveniles as adults. In many cases, a 15 or 16 year old is as capable as an adult, true, but many others are not due to their age - as are many younger children.

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