• Yes in extreme cases

    I do think there are some cases where juveniles should get the death penalty. Granted this should be a very small exception and not a rule. I think the option should be there if needed. Age, background, motive, and history should all play a role in making the decision on a case by case basis.

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  • In some cases juvenliles derserve the death penalty

    Yes, in certain circumstances, I believe that juveniles should receive the death penalty. Juveniles understand the system and some also know that they can get away with certain crimes because they are juveniles and will not receive the maximum punishment that adults receive. At a certain age juveniles are well aware of their actions and should be held accountable for them even if that means death.

  • Give another chance

    No because they are just kids they should be given another chance and some help to turn their lives around and try to do good in their lives not killed after one crime they need another chance you never know what they could do they might be able to do good

  • We need capital punishment, but only for those 18+.

    It's unfair and unjustified to give somebody the death penalty for a crime they committed under the age of 18 because they are considered children, and children don't have proper judgement as (most) adults have. They shouldn't be punished as somebody who's supposed to be more mature and have better judgement. As I've said in other debate opinions, anyone convicted of a murder that they committed at the age of 18 or older should automatically receive the death penalty. And we should extend the death penalty to punish offensives like child rape and severe torture. But we need to leave children out of capital punishment, it's just not correct to execute minors.

  • It's kids we're talking about.

    Kids shouldn't get killed in juveniles. Kids should get a second chance to make the right choices. Most of the time, they don't really understand what they did, or how bad it is. Kids need REALLY good counseling, so they could start making the right choices. Now its up to us if we want to give second chances or if we want to kill for a mistake they might not even understand.

  • They're just kids

    Kids don't know any better, and might be in an emotionally unstable state. It is cruel to punish by death in the same way they believe the act of killing was cruel, in the reasoning that this punishment was chosen for the accused. This especially applies to children, in the sense that children learn from their mistakes. If a child is killed for mistakes they have made, then this defeats that whole purpose. This will teach children to fear failure, thus making for a damaged future.

  • No Death Penalty

    Juveniles are less nature and their brains have not full developed. The juveniles may not fully know what they're doing. If a juvenile commits a murder I believe that they should have a hard punishment but not the death penalty. Killing someone for killing makes you as equal as the juvenile. The saying an eye for and eye should not apply to lives.

  • No Death Penalty

    I do not believe anyone should receive the death penalty, but definitely not a juvenile. The juvenile justice system is set up in a way that is suppose to help kids learn from their mistakes and then move into adulthood without those mistakes following them around. Issuing a death penalty out of the juvenile justice system would indicate that they are no longer handing out second chances for anyone.

  • In very few cases

    There are some juveniles that deserve it. For example, that teen last year that shot and killed a toddler on purpose right in front of his mother, if we fry him that's fine with me because he doesn't deserve to be alive. Those are the kind of isolated incidents it's justified though, in well over 99% of cases juveniles are exactly that, young people that did something stupid and are redeemable still. The death penalty should almost never be used for them.

  • Juveniles Spared from Death Penalty

    Juveniles should be spared the death penalty, except in the most serious situations. In reality, most children don't deserve to be put to death for any crimes they commit. They can be tried as adults, but commiting them to death is usually a bad idea that the courts should avoid.

  • No way, Jose

    How many stupid things have you done when you were a kid? How often do you look back at something stupid you did and wonder what was going through your mind? We all do stupid things as kids, and we should be punished for them, sometimes severely. But it would be a huge mistake to do something as irrevocable as execute children for a crime of which they very well could grow up to realize the horrible nature. If a child's brain were fully developed, then they wouldn't have as much of an excuse to behave poorly.

  • No death penalty for juveniles

    No, I do not think that juveniles should get the death penalty. I think that they are too young to know what is going on, and putting them to death is just not right. However, if a juvenile commits a crime like murder I think a life sentence may work instead of the death penalty.

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