• Uniforms are cruel to the idea of "express yourself"

    Face it. Every single day at school, kids in preschool through senior year of high school are encouraged to express yourself, be who you want to be, and don't go with the crowd if you don't want to. However, these tan pants and navy skirts are ruining that idea. They are forced to wear EVERYTHING that everyone else wears. My school has uniforms, and we get sent to the principal if we wear too many Rainbow Loom bracelets or wear a pin that doesn't advertise the school. This restricts the morals that we were based onto, forced to fit in with everyone else, thinking this is normal and okay as we progress to high school. There is a common rumor that you can be bullied for what you wear. That statement is incorrect because the school is overlapping with the result. They don't keep people on the lookout, and few have assemblies on proctol on how to deal with bullies and how to report them. They think "if someone is a meanie, make them stop!!!" lectures from preschool will keep us safe all our lives, but it doesn't. If schools send about 10 assistant teachers (that also help in the classroom) to watch over the playground or wherever people go after or before lunch to keep their eyes and ears open for bullying, we can crush the problem. And distractions, we arent going to wear one bottle of eyeliner per eye every day or become totally goth or wear crop tops. "No Uniforms" doesn't mean free rein on dress code. And also, speaking of clothes, what if poor families can't afford new uniforms for a sprouting tween? That would make them un-enroll because they simply can't afford it. Back to distractions. Like thinking about plots to get rid of uniforms isn't distracting already. Is a blue T-Shirt with a pink heart on it with some shorts distracting? Are dangling Hello Kitty Earrings that your hair covers anyway distracting? Plus, many state that uniforms can improve habits for getting ready because you aren't slowed down by clothing choice. This is false. If you choose your outfit from headbands to sneakers the night before, you actually spend LESS time than you would picking a uniform! People are so desperate to look stylish in these restricting, anaconda uniforms that they care about what color SHOES they wear. It does NOT simplify clothing choice; it just makes it harder. So, In Conclusion, uniforms do not improve any schools; they just make kids sad, jealous beings, forcing students to have jealousy to other schools that don't have uniforms.

  • We should were school uniforms.

    You don't have to worry about people making fun of you for your clothes because they are waring the same stupid uniforms. That's why I think we should have school uniforms thanks for listing to my opinion about uniforms please help inspire people for uniforms.By a student for morgan elamentary 5 th grade.

  • Uniformed Students Do Better:

    There is only one core issue to myself when talking about uniforms and that is school performance. The fact of the matter is that it increases school performance reducing absences, reducing disciplinary issues and bad behavior, and increasing test scores ( , ) therefore even with older counter evidence that attempted to discredit these changes it is viable that uniforms are good for the education system itself.

  • Uniforms would benefit the younger generations in multiple ways.

    School uniforms promote proper etiquette upon the younger generation and reduce the stress of choosing outfits in the morning. They also eliminate the chance of students wearing promiscuous clothing that may lead to much bigger problems. Students would still have the chance to "express themselves" through their hair, jewelry, etc.

  • Freedom of Self-Expression

    As a strong supporter of self-expression, I believe that we express who we are based upon what we wear. If we cannot freely express ourselves, then what rights do students have to display who they are? I understand that dress codes help to prevent inappropriate dressing; it may not always work, but it's a start. Sometimes I feel that 'inappropriate' is under attack because of political correctness. The right to self-expression must not be violated. If they want to wear a uniform, then they have every right to, if not they too, have every right to not wear a uniform.

  • This would be further intrusion by political correctness.

    Aren't uniforms mandatory in communist countries? It sees a little strange to me that in the land the of freedom we would expect that every child dress the same at public school. I believe it is ok for private institutions to have such a regulation, but for public school this would be a dictatorial move. We are led by a semi communist regime currently so that this would come up does not surprise me.

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