• It will not make things better

    It really is not a good decision to make. It might seem great, but as you lose your social life, a decent quality education, and pretty much any organization in your life, it won't be so great. But then you have to deal with going back to 'real' school.
    If anyone is reading this thinking about going to an online school, my best advice to you is to please just tough it out in actual school. Do not waste your time and education in hopes of having more free time and life being 'easier'. Enjoy your friends and just work on making your current school situation easier without switching to online school.

  • K12 Is the reincarnation of hell.

    I had honor roll every year before attending what I was told (in the commercials with the obviously paid actors) would be a flexible online school called k12 (agora cyber charter school) after three years of being in agora it didn't get easier it actually got way worse. Don't be fooled by the ads that pop up on youtube with the smiling kid. That child is probably smiling because they aren't one of the unlucky suckers that really are in this school. The staff is difficult to deal with and it's a pain in the ass to get to class on time especially when the computer they gave you works slower than a video takes to load with bad wifi which most of us know takes a good chunk of time. The amount of homework they give out is ridiculous which wouldn't be the biggest issue if the teachers did not give you a zero for making the smallest mistake. My family coach (or counselor) barely picked up her phone and when I asked to be changed into another class because I didn't feel like I was being taught correctly she told me to deal with it until next year which I find ridiculous to say the least. That damn commercial where the mom is crying and her son is sitting at their piano is so staged I can smell the disney cruise tickets just by watching it. If you decide to join K12 say goodbye to having good eyesight, no headaches, and not having to work on homework until 11:30 p.M also you can kiss your decent posture goodbye.

  • F**k you K12!!!

    K12 is the most stupid thing I ever heard of.
    2 Months is the LOWEST amount of time it takes to enroll. The books are always late, and they don't send you everything. Then the teachers get mad and balance everything on you. You get stressed out, and it makes your kid(s) cry. You will not be able to leave your home some days because you usually work until 10:00. Sometimes you might work until 11:45 because it takes so long to do things. With K12, you will be stressed out completely.
    F**k your a*s idiotic K12!!!

  • It's a great option to have.

    I found that the curriculum is at least as, If not more advanced than the Catholic schools around here. The public schools are way behind and full of problems that aren't dealt with. They send you all books that you need to complete the year, And what they don't send you can usually find at the library for that particular literature assignment. You have access to real teachers that hold a few key classes (math, Reading and small group math and reading for those who need extra help). They also set up state testing locally. You can enrich the curriculum with whatever you choose, As there is plenty of time to spare. You also get to know exactly what is being taught to your child, What they don't do is provide sports, But you can participate in local schools or community sports if you choose. What you do have to do is be involved and make sure your child is actually doing work and attending required classes and and not missing days of attendance (just like b&M schools). K12 is not for people who want to just send their kid out the door for someone else to teach, Its alot of work but well worth it.

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