Should Kanye West have proposed to Kim Kardashian?

  • Sure - they deserve each other

    It just going to end in a hilarious divorce anyway. 2 huge egos fighting for attention and relevance among a pathetic and dumbed down American audience- watch the hilarity ensue. I bet the marriage lasts a year, ends with one cheating on the other. Kim will get some reality show or talk show about relationships and Kanye will cry racism in another album that Rolling Stone will undoubtedly call brilliant for fear of racial backlash.

  • I thought he had more sense!

    West never seemed like a hopeless sap to me, till now! This tart has gone through more men than Planters has shelled peanuts! She's NOT marriage material. She's not even good "dating" material. She's an accident waiting to happen. Kanye should've been smart enough to not make a baby with her, but since that ship has sailed ... HE SHOULD STOP WHILE HE'S STILL REMOTELY AHEAD! If his mother weren't dead, this would've surely killed her!

  • No, he shouldn't

    What Kanye West should do is die a horrible, slow death for him being an absolutely terrible human being. Incredibly conceited, incredibly selfish, and he's a murderer that kills animals for their coats because he's a megalomaniac narcissist. If there was any justice in the world, he'd be skinned alive and set on fire.

  • It's just because of the baby

    Kim probably wouldn't even be with him if she didn't get pregnant by him in the first place. Yes they do deserve each other and all of that sentimental crap, but they were the most random couple and now they're having a baby and getting married all in a matter of 11 months. STUPID.

  • Honestly, This is a Stupid Idea

    Kim K has done nothing worth noting and she doesn't seem like a good person. She is selfish, whiny and cares about nobody but herself. I mean, I may not like Kayne but no one should be forced to deal with such an annoying person. If Kayne is smart, he'll wake up and run away

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Quatermass says2013-10-29T15:27:06.067
Who cares? It's none of our business what these fellow human beings do with their lives.