• Yes, as much as anyone else.

    Kate Middleton doesn't deserve her fame, but neither do most of the so called celebrities that the culture honors who have no observable talent. At least she functions as a symbol for a country and does public service work. She handles herself with decorum and beauty which is more than what one can say for most of Hollywood.

  • Kate is and has been famous for quite a while

    Ever since she first started dating Prince William in college, Kate Middleton has been in the public eye Millions watched the Royal Wedding, and millions followed her pregnancy and the birth of baby George. Her haircuts, her clothing and her accessories are photographed and discussed. She chose a life of fame.

  • No, anyone can do what she does.

    All she did was get married to the Prince of England, She didn't work hard, or have a talent and all of a sudden she gets famous. There people out there who try so hard, using their talent to become famous, but Kate is just there doing nothing. She was married into royalty, not is royalty.

  • No, how does that make her different than females who date celebrities and basketball/football players?

    She basically got famous because who she dated, not through her own accomplishments. How people compare her against Kim Kardashian is juvenile. KK was famous before she got married. Kate Middleton got famous after she got married. Who would she have been if Prince Williams broke up with her? How does she sleep at night knowing the only reason people like her is because she married Prince Williams?

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