Should Kathleen Sebelius be fired (yes) or resign (no)?

Asked by: bigdave
  • Fire her now

    Kathleen Sebelius should be fired now. In fact, she should have been fired many months ago. She is in charge of a major healthcare overhaul that to date has been nothing short of a complete disaster. The website to enroll does not work, and she has provided no solutions for Obamacare's myriad problems.

  • She Should Resign

    Ultimately, the buck does stop with President Barack Obama. However, any problems with the healthcare website should be answered by the Health and Human Services secretary. If anything, Sebellius should resign because of the handling of Firing cabinet members is rare, but Obama won't do that because he's going to stick to his guns.

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bigdave says2013-10-29T16:07:43.693
Item one,,, the well publicized problems with healthcare.Gov. According to The Washington Post, the site crashed after a government simulation that had just a few hundred people trying to log on simultaneously. That experience was a precursor to what happened in the first few hours of the Oct. 1 launch: The site locked up after some 2,000 users attempted to register.
bigdave says2013-10-29T16:10:52.070
Item two ... A HHS report that stated the half the population had pre existing conditions that would make it hard to buy insurance. Http://www.Forbes.Com/sites/paulroderickgregory/2013/10/08/lying-with-statistics-obamas-pre-existing-conditions-crisis/