• Are We Going To Fire The Rest Of Them?

    Every now and then, our leaders & public servants fail to live up to acceptable standards. As Americans and voters, we get angry. Yet, not all of them lose their job. So, why do skeptics want to can Sebelius? My bet is that these individuals just want to embarrass or irritate Obama.

    When Reagan (who I voted for) sent troops to Beirut, a lot of folks were concerned. When over 200+ Navy & Marine personnel were killed in the bombing of our Marine barracks in Beirut, nobody suggested that Reagan be investigated. Nobody lost their job as a result. When Iran-Contra unfolded, Presidential pardons flowed from Bush 41 on Christmas Eve of '92. Some were pardoned, before they could even go to court (scheduled January '93). When Ken Starr was hired to investigate the Clintons & spent $40M doing so, nobody lost their job. When Clinton lied about sex under oath, he didn't lose his job. When we discovered the FBI was aware of an airplane attack prior to 9/11, nobody lost their job. When Tom Ridge & Co. Created that color-coded joke of terrorist threat levels, nobody lost their job. Not one American understood it, or knew what to do if the levels changed, but we all tolerated it. Heck ... When Bush 43 sent troops into Iraq for WMDs (that have never been found), nobody lost their job. When this nation spent billions to bailout Wall Street, all but one kept their job. Our current 112th Congress gets precious little accomplished, yet they have managed to keep their jobs. To the latter, I can only add that these individuals could be impeached! If we can overlook such inept behavior by others, why are going after Kathleen Sebelius? Maybe it's for the same reason Martha Stewart ended up in prison? They're both women. Men do this same crap daily and somehow nobody seems to mind.

  • Republicans shouldn't be demanding anything right now

    Mere weeks after a GOP shutdown that costs Americans billions of dollars, these same jokers have the audacity to scream for Sebelius's head over a botched website launch? Please, popular every online service I've ever used has had trouble at launch. Sebelius is playing the good politician and taking the heat, but she doesn't deserve it.

  • Hell no! Fire her

    In the private sector, if someone screws up as badly as she did, she would have been fired months ago.
    1) There was no beta testing of healthcare.Gov - Any developer will know that BETA testing is a MUST
    2) She (and Obama) lied to the American people by saying you can keep your health care plan if you like it.

  • Get a real job

    If she was working for any other company in the entire world she would be fired already, not only is obamacare one of the worst things to happen to this nation, they than higher this nurse to totally destroy any chance obamacare had of doing good. You do realize the windows a much larger program cost less to build.

  • She has nothing in her position and there for be kicked to the curb

    What has she proposed to the congress and the administration during her tenure as Secretary of health and human services. In my opinion she is just filling a position to further her political career and set herself up for a run for like Governor or maybe even President or Vice President. Regardless she is a do nothing politician who either need to quit or be fired

  • As has been said already, had this been the private sector, she'd be pink slipped by now.

    By virtue of the ACA, the United States now has the largest web presence in the world, making it the biggest online company in existence. With the amount of money, expectations this system and the ACA were supposed to deliver on, there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for this failure. The fact that the system went live with little to no BETA testing and quality improvement makes it a colossal and embarrassing failure that every tax paying American should be outraged by.

    Compound this failing with the fact that people are finding that because of the ACA, they are being dropped by their insurers and forced to navigate the frustrating and time consuming healthcare exchange, this failure is almost too much to bear. Remember, Obama promised on many occasions that if we were happy with our insurance, we could keep it. His legislation, and whatever the American people consider his legacy, will be forever tainted by this failure to launch and the failure to deliver. I for one believe that this will only justify the shutdown propagated by Republicans and make them all that much stronger in 2014.

    Sebellius should not only be fired, but possibly investigated criminally for her failure to inform the American people of these issues and for her failure to actually stop the project before it wasted the 10s of millions of dollars that it already has. This is a failure that cost people not only their hope of a healthcare system, but it cost the taxpayers money - this cannot go unchecked and Sebellius has to pay.

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