Should kavanaugh have been confirmed? Why or why not?

  • There is no proof that he did something wrong

    If you do not count the lies that he said during the public hearing (Drinking) but what was thrown at him was slander. There was no proof of him being a gang rapist.

    It was politicized. It should have been based on merits not allegations that were not proven.

    It is better a rapist to be jailed then lose his supreme court job. Ford could have come out with this earlier but to me it seems like a political ploy. If had evidence Kavanaugh would be behind bars but instead she chooses to do a public hearing. I would rather have a rapist jailed then lose a job (which is an important one but jail time is worse).

    Trump chose him and Kavanaugh was agreed on a Senate vote. If you had a problem with the Senators vote new ones in or wait until 2020 to overthrow Trump.

    What's done is done. This event has only made the US more divided. It is likely to reach a boiling point where a Civil war might occur or the left will eat itself and leave Republicans with no one challenger. Hopefully is the latter because war is bad and Democrats can rebuild on a better foundation. Why not instead of pleasing the far left you please the centre left?

  • Yes He Should!

    Brett Kavanaugh is one of the best people to be put in the Supreme Court because
    1. He is somebody that will uphold the Constitution and prevent it from being destroyed.
    2. There was nothing bad that was found about him from the FBI investigation and the accusations that were thrown at him were completely false because there was no evidence to support them.
    3. He also was somebody that was picked by Trump, And Trump knows who to pick when it comes to these important positions.

    Those are the biggest reasons that I believe Brett Kavanaugh was a good choice for the supreme court.

  • He's very qualified.

    A graduate of Yale Law school. The American Bar Association rated him "well qualified" (its highest category). He's a constitutional judge so rules based on interpretation of written law. This is in contrast to activists judges who the power of the bench to create new laws. Fact is, It's up to our senate to create laws based on citizen demands and not that of judges. They should only interpret those laws as they apply to various cases. There is no wonder why Trump nominated him for the position and seeing that he was voted in by the majority, He not only should be confirmed but has been confirmed.

  • Yes he should have.

    From what I understand, The man has done nothing wrong, The case is one of deceit, Fraud and slander. Kavanaugh has a recommendation from the President of the united states, The only reason any of this started is because Trump said he supports Kavanaugh to be a supreme judge. Americans are bloody well insane.

  • No he should not

    For two main reasons, He brought in party politics into his senate hearing, And the manner in which he conducted himself during the course of the hearing shows a lack of judicial conduct. The moment he made the case that the accusations against him nothing more then a ploy by the Democratic party, He should have instantly lost his chance to serve on the Supreme Court. This has nothing to do with the chargers made you, For no hard evidence has been brought up yet. The Supreme Court is supposed to be removed from party politics and for a supreme court judge to openly side with a specific party is a dangerous precedent that has been set. His behavior and actions during the course of the hearing is also unbecoming of a supreme court judge. He lied under oath, Violated the federal code pertaining to judicial conduct, And evaded numerous questions during the course of the hearing. For these reasons alone he should not be placed on the Supreme Court.

  • No He Should Not.

    The allegations made by Prof. Ford, Had no bearing upon my opinion, Personally I thought the whole thing was a democrat orchestrated hit job and whether the allegations were true or not, Mattered little to the Dems bringing them forward, This was a chance to try get a nominee they didn't want from getting on the Supreme Court. . . By any means necessary.

    However his stance with regards to the 4th amendment are abhorrent and only serve to erode the Constitution not protect it. Sadly most if not all judges currently on the Supreme Court are there for conservative or liberal agendas. A strict constitutionalist is desperately needed.

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