Should Keith Olbermann run for political office (yes) or remain as a cable television host (no)?

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  • I do not think Keith Olbermann would be a good politician

    We've seen that he is volatile and hard to work with. Keith Olbermann would be a horrible politician, because politics is all about compromise. The Tea Party is bad enough. Keith Olbermann would just add fuel to the fire and cause more problems than he is worth in the long run.

  • We need more moderates in political office

    The last thing we need is Washington is another extreme liberal (or an extreme conservative for that matter.) The majority of the country is moderately conservative or moderately liberal and we need people in Washington who can make decisions not just based on party line and political rhetoric. Olbermann would be a disaster in political office.

  • No he shouldn't.

    I think that Keith Olbermann would be better off remaining a cable television host and not running for political office. A lot of times people who are famous, or somewhat famous, use there celebrity to get elected. They usually have no political experience and don't even know that much about politics.

  • Not A Leader

    I do not believe Keith Olbermann should run for political office. Being a cable television host does not qualify someone to run for political office, it simply means that there name is more likely to be known by common citizens. I believe if he wants to enter that field he should start at the local level and work his way up with experience.

  • No, Keith Olbermann should not get into politics.

    Keith Olbermann should stick with the entertainment industry and not run for political office. Merely being a celebrity is not a credential for entering a complex and important field such as politics. Politicians should be knowledgeable and have studied such fields as economics, history, political science and sociology, and I doubt Keith Olbermann has degrees in any of these fields.

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