Should Keith Olbermann's political views be a part of his sports show on ESPN?

  • Sports are political too

    Keith Olbermann has opinions, many of them involve politics that people may or may not agree with. But like it or not sports are political. Don't believe me, then just ask the 1980 US Gold Medal winning ice hockey team (better known as The Miracle on Ice). If you take the politics of that time out of that game then it is more about an average team beating a dominant team. But add in the politics of the time and you have a miracle. Sometimes politics can make a game more intriguing.

  • Makes it More Entertaining

    Keith Olbermann's political views make the sports show on ESPN more entertaining. Even though his format seems to be similar to that of his show on MSNBC, Olbermann has a niche market and a bunch of dedicated fans that will follow him no matter what. I think his politics should be a part of the show.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe Keith Olbermann's political views should be part of his sports show on ESPN. ESPN is for sports, not politics. Furthermore, sport shows are about sports, not politics. I don't think the two should be mixed. Anyone tuning into ESPN wants to hear about sports, NOT POLITICS!

  • Sports is Sports!

    I believe that if you are running a sports show, that is what you should be covering. If you want to be a political commentator then maybe you should change your profession. Sports fans do not want to sit and listen to political views when trying to find out about the teams or players they are interested in. In no way does politics have to do with sports games.

  • No, I don't believe Keith Olbermann's political views should be used on his sports show.

    I believe politics and sports are not a very good fit, most people watching sports programming don't need to listen to political messages and themes. I believe that Keith Olbermann should simply stick to reporting on sports on a sports related show, I feel it would be a mistake to try to mix the two.

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