Should Kenny G be classified as a smooth jazz musician (yes) or some other genre (no)?

  • I have always believed Kenny G was a smooth Jazz musician.

    Kenny G really does have an amazing talent. I would classify him as smooth jazz. Partly because he does play mostly jazz, but I do not believe he would fit into any other category of music. He has been on mainstream radio a couple of times, but I have mostly heard him on the jazz radio stations.

  • He is classic.

    Yes, Kenny G should be classified as a smooth jazz musician, because he is a brilliant saxophone player. His work is classified as jazz, but it is jazz solo, rather than the jazz bands of the 1920s. He is a crooner and a swooner, and the genre is most readily classified as smooth jazz, along with easy listening.

  • That Is What He Is

    He is a jazz player. Some people might say his music is to soft for jazz, and I guess that is where the smooth jazz comes in. He just has a mellow tempo to the way he plays jazz. It is still jazz, as far as I am concerned. What else would they classify it as, "soft rock? Sounds more like jazz to me.

  • Smooth Jazz Musician

    I personally think that Kenny G was classified as a smooth jazz musician because his music was very soft and creative. I personally think that Kenny G was classified as a a smooth jazz musician because it was laid back music well as relaxing music that caused people to keep listening to his music.

  • A smooth jazz

    I think that it is correct for this musician to be put in with the smooth jazz section. This is the part of the music industry that would be most like the music that he always played, so I do not think that it is incorrect to labet him here.

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