• Kentucky should dismantle its Medicaid expansion system

    Kentucky should dismantle its Medicaid expansion system because the ugly hidden secret is that while the federal government is covering some of the cost, those contributory funds shrink year-after-year and the cost of expansion is born directly by the taxpayer. Unless and until the taxpayer votes in favor of such a scheme, expansion should not take place.

  • Best system in the country

    The Kynect system is the best system in the country. The move to dismantle it is purely for political reasons, and it's quite unfortunate. Voters need to pay far more attention to the people they are voting for and their platforms. The public polls show the program is popular, yet voted for a Governor against it. It make no sense. The voters reap what they sow when they don't pay attention.

  • Do not destroy the medicade system.

    Dismantling the Medicaid expansion Program would be detrimental to the people that need the assistance. People with low income can not afford to pay for medication or even preventative care. dismantling the medicaid expansion will do nothing but causes a strain on other much needed programs. Our politicians need to worry more about us and less about lining their pockets!!

  • Kentucky should not rollback its Medicaid expansion

    Kentucky should not rollback its Medicaid expansion. This provides a lot of poor people access to the health care system, which they had not had previously. Dismantling it will throw people off of the health insurance rolls since they will not be able to afford the premiums. The outcome will be increased costs for society as more emergency care is sought.

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