• Kenya considering state funeral for modern Samaritan

    This man devoted his life to peace between Muslims and Christians. In the end of his life, he even died trying to protect Christians. Kenya does not often do state funerals, but they're not unheard of. If Kenya's fourth state funeral were to be in honor of this man, it will help the country to be seen as one that honors peace and sacrifice.

  • Farah Is A Hero

    Salah Sadbow Farah deserves a state funeral in Kenya. Although no one wants to be the victim of a terrorist attack, Mr. Farah acted as a hero that day. He and his colleagues did everything in their power to stop the attack and keep the women that were present safe. His sacrifice demands respect and a state funeral.

  • What she did was very courageous and deserves recognition

    Yes, I think Kenya should give Salah Sadbow Farah a state funeral. What she did in that school was very heroic and courageous, and showed us all that we can still stand up for each other regardless of religion, to protect life that God created equally. Kenya would show the world it cares about Christians and Muslims alike by honouring her.

  • Yes Salah Sadbow Farah should be honored

    I think it is reasonable for Kenya to give Salah Sadbow Farah a state funeral because he put his life in danger to protect the weak against the tyranny of evil. These acts of extreme generosity in the face of danger should be commanded and honored by the citizens still living.

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