• Ok ok ok

    First of all, not all Kajhits carry skooma and that is a large stereotype. Second of all, I killed them all. Third of all this brings up the point should Mexicans be allowed in the US because they carry drugs. Lastly, Should Syrian refugees be allowed in the us because they are terrorists. ALL STEROTYPES!!!

  • For Ulfric Stormcloak!

    Khajiits are endangering the well being of the nobel Nords of Whiterun. Why, they could be dirty Imperial Spies, what with all their caravaning. I believe that Whiterun belongs to the one true people of this nobel country of Skyrim; the Nords, and there is no one, not even Khajiits, who can stop this.

  • Not in whiterun

    Whiterun has zero tolerance for anything and kajhits carry skooma and that's illegal. Plus, they are masters of sneaking. So they could simply rob the town. I know that all kajhits aren't bad. But, I had some experiences with the kajhits. One of the biggest is that on my way to the final mission one tried selling me drugs.

  • They carry Skooma which is Illegal

    Here in Skyrim we don't tolerant anyone unless they are friendly,have the same view as us,and don't work for the Thalmor. Khajiit's.Khajiit's are the pinnacle of outlawers who bring skooma,a drug like substance, into our land and make commerce from it.To that I say neigh! They are treacherous and don't fall for their scheme of selling their "products", which is not good.

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