Should Khloe Kardashian be dropped from next year's Xfactor USA?

  • Simon Cowell doesn't know music

    I stopped watching after season one. After the first line-up was altered, and the influx of terribly new mentors/ celebs were introduced, it was enough for me. They have no musical talent what so ever. How can they judge or mentor? They can't. Simon Cowell, while he has power, he doesn't know music. Has anyone really looked at his claim to fame? It involves sold Tele-Tubby, a corny boy band, and wwe albums. Pure over rated garbage.

  • Khloe Shouldn't Come Back to the Xfactor USA

    Khloe asks dumb questions such as asking a Carly Rose fan "Do you hope she'll win?" If you were a fan of something or someone, wouldn't you want them to win? Of course! Why would she be asking a questions like that?
    Khloe invades everyones personal space. She always hugs and squeezes them like they're stuffed animals. Khloe has absolutely no talents what-so-ever and I feel that she should be dropped from the Xfactor USA.

  • Yes

    I don't like any of the Kardashians. They are a bunch of lame and boring rich people who are annoying. I do not think that she adds anything to the show and I would get some enjoyment out of the fact that she was removed from the show for being so lame.

  • Yes, they all need to go away.

    The whole family should be dropped, from everything. I still don't understand why these people are famous. Is it simply because their daddy was rich, and their mom married Bruce Jenner? Who cares? Just go away. The sooner the better! The whole pack of them are a train wreck, and an embarrassment. The fact that people are so devoted to them is sad, and speaks volumes as to what's wrong in the U.S.

  • Drop the Kardashians from everything...

    The Kardashians are about as low as you can get on the gene totem pole. I don't really know what people see in that family, other than that middle class people are enthralled with people who are rich for the sake of being rich. All the sisters are overly entitled, brainless, and a perfect example of why people from foreign countries want to bomb us off the face of the earth. We are only encouraging this idiotic behaviour by putting these people at the level of "celebrity" and making them front page material. If you ask me, and show that doesn't have a Kardashian sister on it, is infinitely better than one that does. Get her out of there.

  • Khloe Should Stay

    I think Khloe Kardashian should be on next year's Xfactor USA. She is great judge that works well with the other judges. She's pretty funny too. If the show is thinking about replacing people, she should be the last one on the list. She brings a lot of excitement to the show.

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