• Kids are not yet able to evaluate critically while exposed to relentless publicity by fast food companies

    According to the Yale Rudd Center, Fast Food companies spent US$ 4. 9 b on marketing. Kids are exposed to top-notch, Highest professional marketing to convince them of the benefits of fast-food. Lacking the necessary scrutiny to put ads into perspective, They are very easily convinced and might nag their parents until they concede.
    True, Parents are ultimately responsible. But taking into account the tremendous harm that fast-food has on society, I think that a government intervention, Limiting the marketing power of fast food companies (as has happened with tobacco or alcoholic products) would be valid.

  • The ads target kids

    They target kids and only put skinny kids that don't eat fast food all the time instead of the fat and obese kids that they create by advertising these fast food ads all of the time. So they should ban fast food ads that target kids RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND!

  • Parents are to blame.

    Not the fast food outlet. Sad thing is, Not taking responsibility is becoming more and more common. Don't blame my driving, Blame the officer for my ticket. Don't blame the student, Blame the teacher for my child's poor grades. Don't blame my poor work ethic, Blame the evil boss who fired me.
    Companies can make all the adds they want but young kids can't eat fast food unless the parents buy it. Odds are, While the kid is eating his child sized burger, The parent is eating their Big Mac or Whopper. Today, Parents rarely prepare a home cooked meal (from scratch). Closest they may do is heat up canned or boxed food. Parents are so lazy today, Stores even sell pre-made B{ & J sandwiches (Uncrushables). When they have the family out, Many don't take the family to a sit down restaurant and because they don't feel like making something when they get home, They just hit the drive through. Then after THEY have caused their child to be obese because of the food choices THEY made, They blame the fast food outlet.
    Fact is, If parents didn't take their kids to fast food places or stop there to pick up lunch or dinner, Parents would have no reason to blame fast food on their child's weight.

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