• They Lie To You

    When mconalds or other fast food compaines make fast food ads, They don't show the fat and obese kids that go to there every day, Instead the skinny kids that do not probally eat fast food at all. That is why fast food ads that target children should be banned.

    Posted by: P0P
  • Blame the parents.

    Most fast food adds I've seen don't have kids at all but either their own characters (Burger King/Ronald McDonald) or the recent cartoon theme of their meals (Minions/Mario Brothers). If your kid is or your worried that they could get fat/obese from eating fast food every day of the week, I have a simple solution. DON'T TAKE THEM EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. It's the parents that order and pay for the food so THEY are the ones to blame. Yes, Commercials tend to make kids want their food but the parents can always say "No".

  • Violation of our Constitutional Rights

    This is a violation of the first amendment and the things our kids want are usually decided by parents anyway. Besides that advertising is rarely effective on kids as they normally find them boring and don't like them and with advertisements often repeating on the same channel over and over kids begin to dislike the product most of the time.

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