Should kids (13 and younger) be able to come out?

Asked by: debatetress
  • We Know Who We Are

    People tend to know that they are gay, bi, trans, non-binary, or queer in their childhood. I remember wanting to marry my best female friend at age 7. I also know some gay and trans nb people who knew since they were 3-5 years old. Why shouldn't young queer kids be open about their sexualities?

  • Yes because its a free world

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  • They can do whatever they want.

    Honestly think about. They can come out and as they grow up they can take it back or just date the opposite sex. I don't see why it would be a bad thing for kid to come in a young age. They are just trying to find themselves. Aren't we all?

  • I am bisexual and 13 years old.

    I am a thirteen year old girl and I identify as bisexual. I have known this for around three years now, and how do I know this? I am attracted to both men and women. I don't have a choice in the situation because I truly was born this way. If you use god as an excuse then I am ashamed because I am also christian. At the age of thirteen I am educated enough that I know all of the different sexualities and what they make you feel. I am not too young to know that I like someone and I am old enough to make my decisions for myself.

  • Everyone has the right to accept who they are.

    No matter how old you are, you have a right to accept yourself. You can know what your orientation is before you are actually in a relationship. I have a friend who is bisexual and she knew she was bi when she eleven years old. She had never been in a relationship, but she had been attracted to boys and to girls and she knew what she was. She accepted it.
    Children are all beautiful and unique and something to celebrate. It doesn't matter what their orientation is, or when they choose a label to identify with. As long as they are good people and do good things with their lives, no one should care when they come out.

  • Yes, kids should be allowed to come out

    No one should be ashamed of their sexuality. If it's not ok to come out when they're still young, how will they have the guts to come out later? You don't have the right to tell people, regardless of their age, whether or not their sexuality is valid. Sure they're young, but it's none of your business to tell them if they can or can't come out. I'm tired of the homophobic, hateful world we live in.

  • Children are asexual beings

    If a kid at the age of 13 came over and told me "i'm gay" I'd be a bit taken aback... Nothing wrong with being homosexual (or anything at that matter) but 13 year olds shouldn't be concerned with sexual actions! A child is asexual. Yes they will be sexual when they are old enough and develop the hormones, bt until then a child is asexual and should be considered, ASEXUAL. So no... A 13 year old, that comes out, is in my opinion just something influenced by the media and/or this persons friends or people they see around them, and should not be taken seriously, until they get older...

  • No they should not.

    The courts defend the sexual decisions made by two consenting adults, not two consenting minors. Parents should raise their children how they see fit, and should regulate all aspects of their sexual behaviors with others until the time that they are no longer legally responsible for the welfare of that child by the courts. Parents should be allowed to teach values to their children. Alcohol, tobacco, and pornography are not prohibited by law, but parents still have the right to teach their children to stay away from them if that's what they feel is right for their kids.

    Homosexuality is also not prohibited by law, but parents once again have the right (and the responsibility) to teach their kids to stay away from things and practices that the parents view as dangerous, and when the child comes of age, they can choose for themselves.

    Young kids don't understand enough about sexuality or even their own bodies to be able to have open and sensible conversations about their sexual urges. Among the possible confusion of a same sex attraction, young children often struggle with confusion feelings of genetic attraction (siblings and parents). I don't believe that they have the comprehension level to justify a same sex attraction without properly understanding why the same justification cannot be used for genetic attraction.

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Fernyx says2016-02-11T15:45:05.647
At that point in their lives they do not fully understand how their body works. They can claim to be gay/bi/trans but they are not yet mature (physically) and their hormones have not kicked in. I would say after around 16-18 depending on the person they can really know.