Should kids 15 and under receive the death penalty?

  • They are definitely able to decide what is right and wrong.

    I can easily imagine my thirteen year old brother committing an atrocious act such as murder or rape. He and his friends are perfectly able to imagine, plan and commit theses acts and they have the moral capacity to know that it is criminal. If not the death penalty then at least life sentenced solitary confinement with no chance of parole.

  • Children can understand that murder is wrong

    When a 16 year old kills someone, they know it is wrong. They can fully understand there actions As being evil. Even a 6 year old can understand this. To add on to this, they also know they are commuting a crime, that could result in exectution. If You want to reduce death party sentences to children, raise them to know what is right and what is wrong.

  • A Crime Is A Crime.

    A crime is a crime, no matter who commits it. They need to be punished or they will keep doing the stupid things and so will others. But, death penalty should only be enforced under extreme situations. In most situations, the death penalty is enforced due to a Mass murder or first degree murder.

  • They know what they're doing

    They know what they are doing when they kill someone and they are not innocent. The problem is it costs too much because we feed them for years. I think after they are charged as guilty they should only be able to appeal if they have enough money to pay for the cell they will stay in and food while they are appealing

  • Children Should Get The Death Penalty

    Many children commit adult crimes. Premeditated crimes. These children, especially teenagers, often act out of violence. It may be different in some cases, but in others, the children kill to kill. No mistake. No self defense. Just pure and raw anger. I do, though, have a sympathy for school shootings (done by children) that have been bullied to the breaking point. In some cases, rehabilitation is an option, in others, the children need to be removed

  • They still know what they are doing.

    Let's say you are a teacher. A student one day asks you to stay after and help, the child hit you over the head with a textbook. The kid proceeds to rape/murder you. That to me deserves the death penalty. Kids are people. They know what they are doing. That is why they do it, but they know adults will take their side, because they are stupid and trust them.

  • Why do we do this?

    Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong? The death penalty in general is extremely wrong and hypocritical. We try to tell people that murder is wrong, and we do this by committing murder ourselves! No matter what age, no body should face the death penalty.

  • Why children 15 and under should not receive the death penalty.

    No, because it actually costs the government more money to give the death penalty than it is to get prison for life. I also think that if kids do kill someone they should go to prison for how ever long. After all Casey Anthony didn't have to get death penalty or even jail, so why should kids?

  • They're too young to die.

    Why would killing kids solve problems? When you can help them instead and find out what's wrong with them.
    They probs had a bad father so that's we could help them instead!

    I mean, If you're talking about life sentence then i must be very wrong or something like that.

  • Kids are often killed for nothing

    Kids my be victims of fals accusations witch the death penalty will kill the children and *poof* and gone the dead with a gap in the victims family . But if we had no death penalty this tragedy will be avoided if a kid was in jail for 13 years then was proven innocent we will have more than enough time to see if he is innocent or not . And would you rather 13 years in prison or death

  • No they sould not.

    Kids 15 and under should not recieve the death penalty that seems extreme and cruel. Teenagers do dumb things, and yes to an extent they are responsible for their actions,but no kid or teenager should be given the death penalty. They still have time to change and get better and understand what they did was wrong.

  • They are still young and have a lot to live for.

    When a kid the age of 15 or younger commits a wrongdoing, he/she is still immature and has opportunity to change them self. The brain of an average human stops growing at around age 30. They should be punished ,yes, but they have too much to live for to have their life ended at such a young age.

  • Kids are people too

    One may think this because kids have not lived enough of their life to understand how America works and runs it's government. Children should not receive the death penalty because everyone was created EQUAL. Equality means that no matter color, age, or sex that everyone will be treated with the same respect.

  • With children and teenagers,

    The Prefrontal Cortex (the part of the brain which controls reasoning and impulse) only fully develops at the age of 25. And this makes them prone to risk-taking, and more impulsive in their decisions. So at that age, they do not weigh the consequences like a mature adult would. Also, a child committing crimes that would be punishable with death would most likely be mentally unstable. A big reason why governments choose to implement death penalties, is because they believe that the crime committed is so severe, that no amount of imprisonment/punishment would make the person safe to release into the community. But with children's minds being extremely moldable at that age, that should not be as threatening.

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