Should kids 17 and under be allowed to buy and play rated M games?

Asked by: David.Rabell
  • They already do buy rated M video games.

    It seems illogical to try and stop a person, even a minor, from getting what he wants. If someone under 17 wants a rated M game, he will get his hands on it one way or another. The argument that ESRB should be respected is laughable, as a company devoted to rating video games is useless in society. No thinking person heeds those labels, just as no thinking person cares about movie ratings. To rate and restrict a service to anyone is, for one, bad for business, and two, a waste of time and resources for everyone involved. One of my favorite games when I was 10 was Turok on the PS2. When t then comes to online gaming, there should be a set of guidelines followed when people use microphones. If the guidelines are broken, the person will be universally muted for 24 hours. This would be to the responsibility of whomever owns the network being played on. That would be a more fair method of dealing with online experiences.

  • If he is mature

    If your son is mature enough to know to never swear or to not act bad, he can play M games. Hell, if your child has been taught well, then he can play M games. David's Kid looks like he has a lack of discipline and parental guidance. TO BE CLEAR, video games do not cause violence

  • Not sure but sure, why not?

    If he is mature enough to play something, their parents will let them. The real problem is that so many games are rated m when they could be t, if there was less unnessecary language and blood, only games like gta, dead space, and dead island would be rated m. As their franchise grows, companies seem to add more unnessecary things. Cod and Moh were t, but as they grew, became m. Kids just want fun games, so they want the m games because that's all there really is now.

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  • Should Kids Under 17 Be Able To Play M

    Yes If Your Child Is Not Influenced By Guns And What Not If They Easily Can Become A Bad Type Of Person Then Definitely Not
    I Think Maybe 9+ For Mature Audiences
    And Don't Let Them Play For To Long Max 1 Hour But If They Are Mature The Thay Can Play M

  • Yes they should

    What 12 year old or even younger hasn't already played call of duty, modern warfare, of even grand theft auto. I sure have not met a kid without a violent M game. It is a joke that they think that kids do not play grand theft auto by age 12. You log in to black ops and all there is online is just a bunch of 9 year olds. I would know but again halo is also one of them so I say let kids play these games, besides what parent would let an 8 to 10 year old kid walk in to GameStop with 60 dollars for a new game? Parents are not that bad so therefore let kids be able to be mature young because it will happen at one point and they will know when it is actually time.

  • They should choose

    If they want to experience it they should be able to its there decision if they want to or not. It's not like there is going to be an eight year old kid walking in to a game stop asking for a call of duty game. Kids should have rights!!!

  • Yes because now adays most kids know what is going on these days

    They know what going on they know about cuss words and mostly all kids from my area cuss starting at 3rd grade so yes I think they should they know what they can and cant do its a game not reality now maybye when vr comes out more and more no don't let them play gta5 full fledged vr which by the way is not just a headset its like the one from sao where it intercepts the brains decisions so that way your body isn't moving while your playing no when that comes out no they shouldn't and yes you should watch your kids when they play gta but call of duty halo and battlefield and stuff ya let them play that when ever they want

  • It'll mess up their future

    My eight year old cousin was one of the nicest kids you'll ever meet, but when his mother bought him Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, he has begun swearing, he has begun throwing things, and he has began disrespecting and swearing at his mother and everybody else in the family, he has also lost most of his friends and made new ones who are as bad as him.

  • Your brains will be on the internet!!!!

    You people shouldn't do that its a terrible crime and nice kids have become bullies and swearers also people are becoming more violent and you peeps will swear. It is terrible. Its also idiotic it totally sums u people even live there. U suk. I don't i am nice and never aware.

  • One day I'll see brains on the street, and they'll be yours

    Well, they will be bouncing all over since you lost what's left of them. Anyway, to get to the point, kids are seeing violence everywhere and learn new bad words and names of weapons. Why should they know what like a AK-47 is? Kids should be leading better lives in the world that they know today and not learning all these things. This is what sort of thing inspires bad students who are noisy and bad during class.

  • Effects their life!

    I know kids in school that play those sort of games and it really effects them they are always getting in trouble. By fighting or saying something mean! They don't work hard at school and should not be allowed to play these games and the kids I am talking about are only like 10 and they be on their way to being expelled!

  • Subjecting children to that sort of violence simply isn't right.

    No matter if violence in games changes a child or doesn't, what I find wrong about allowing someone underage to play violent, or sexual video games is what they are subjected too. Guns, prostitutes, murder, none should be seen by a child who is still developing.
    Although, it always varies from game to game. Rated M games can go from GTA5, to something a little less graphic, like Skyrim (which still contains violence, but not to the same degree).

    And even if I do appose, 17 is still rather high for a rating system. Anyone under 14 shouldn't play M rated games, although someone who is 15-17 probably already has learned about gun violence as well as sexual content enough to understand that it isn't really a 'game' in the real world.
    (P.S. I played the original Halo game when I was about 12 years old, and also played M rated games before I was 17 (although they weren't as graphic as some games are now). I didn't end up becoming a murderer. So saying kids will grow up violent isn't accurate. It's just more likely they'll be subjected too early, which can possibly change their outlook on the way the game portrays certain problems, such as guns, wars, sex, and woman/men)

    Despite what I say, I stay strong with pressing 'No'. My brother was sucked into M rated games before he was 10, and it really effected him, his morals/ethics on violence is messed up, so I have to choose what I know to be true.

  • The community is the problem, not the game.

    Now a lot of people are saying that video games don't cause violence and I see that as perfectly true, But the main factor here is that the game is rated M for Mature. You should respect the ESRB for taking time and creating this decision, there are certain elements in the game that are not fit for young minds as some scenes in the game are just replays of what actually happened during a war that traumatized soldiers.
    But what I see as the main problem is the community. Now specifically I am thinking Call of Duty. It is just the online culture there to curse, swear, and just say mean things about each other. But it is fair behavior, after all everyone is supposed to be MATURE and take it, instead of wining about it and yelling like most kids do. That is just a borderline of experience. The target community is adults, and they know how to deal with bullies and such, but kids don't. They don't laugh it off as easily and instead take a disdainful mood from it.
    With proper guidance, sure, it can be allowed. I'm not going to tell someone how to take care of their kid. However I see this rarely done as kids these days are disrespectful and have learned to only whine when they don't get their way.

  • No buying shall happen

    I think that no, they should not be allowed to buy M rated games if they are younger than 17. The way I see it is that if a parent buys a game and thinks there child is mature enough to play it then they shall be able to play. It's not necessarily the governments decision on what a parent lets the hold do (unless drinking and illegal stuff) but my opinion has been stated. Peace off!

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  • No. Too inappropriate

    Allowing children to play M games is a no. They are not mature enough to handle the content. Therefore, I think you people's brains have rolled onto the street and out of your head. No, it is not okay. Whether your kid is 7 or 13, no way. I have seen 5 year Olds play M games. It affects them. And although some games give you the option to censor the objectionable content, they still have the option to turn it back on. I would say about 17 or 18 is ok, or maybe 14-16 with guidance.

  • They Should Be ILLEGAL

    Have you ever seen underaged children playing violent video games? Do you know the effects they have on the players? Well, as a matter of fact I know that the effects can lead to negative consequences, so I strongly believe that violent video games should be illegal to purchase if the player is underaged.
    To begin, the player could acknowledge the violence in the game and use it to affect his real life, therefore becoming too aggressive. I know that every time they play violent video games and lose, they feel discouraged and enraged. The children will feel that way because they are young and they can’t handle the pressure of losing because to them it could be a lot more devastating than it actually seems. In violent video games the way you lose is by dying, and when that happens they might throw a tantrum because they spent a lot of time to beat levels and it was all over for them. The content itself will make it worse because it just increases their sense of failure by dying. As more and more time is spent with the game, real world relationships and responsibilities can be forgotten, therefore causing social isolation or lowered grades. In the end, the kids would be a total mess, whereas they could have been completely fine if they hadn’t bought any violent video games because the only way they lost ‘badly’ is through this situation. Now that they are angry, it will be even worse when you are in public like your very own school. Teachers and other children will start to notice that child because he might obtain a lower GPA, have less school involvement, and more negative attitudes towards school. Like if you are doing a lesson and the teacher gives a question, everyone but the underaged victim will raise their hand even if they know the answer because they can not concentrate on something other than that game.

    Furthermore, if it is illegal to purchase the violent video games, the under aged players would decrease. Underage children would stop themselves or their parents from buying violent games in the fear of getting in trouble. People may protest against it but what will stop them is the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). ESRB independently applies and enforces ratings, advertising guidelines, and online privacy principles adopted by the computer and video game industry. The ESRB ratings are designed to provide information about video and computer game content, so buyers can make informed purchase decisions. In this case, most violent games will be rated M+ which is Mature 17 years of age and older. With the law enforcements and ESRB ratings in mind, the parents of under-aged children would likely stop buying violent video games because they know it’s the right thing to do. Adults make responsible decisions and they know that adults like themselves make the laws so they will agree to it and enforce them on their own child for the better.

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