• Kids needs cellphones

    Do you can use it during emergencies or important things fun little games can be fun at the right moments are so if you have a cell phone just make sure you keep her home while your kids at school make sure the kids keep their home as well if they’re at school so then you don’t have a problem they don’t use it during school I can use it almost anywhere else and if they use it on the well just take it away from

  • Kids 10-11 need to have a iPhone or sum and let me tell u y!

    Kid's need a iPhone or sum because! If it is a emergency or something important. I think they should have iPhone's because it has a find family app on it. And not only that because they also can get on learning web sites as well. And that's y I think kids should have a iPhone or sum!

  • Kids at the age of 10 should have a cell phone

    -Getting lost. If your child is really shy, Doesn't have a phone and then gets lost, They won't be able to contact you and they will be too shy to ask anyone to call you (and what if they don't know or forget your phone number and you can't always trust a person) so they will try and find you on their own
    -Social Media. Ok, Ok, I know some parents are against their kids going on social media, But it's a great way to see what their friends are doing and there are a lot of kid-friendly social media platforms. Take Tik-Tok including Musical. Ly for example, Tik-Tok is a kid-friendly social media platform where people can take 15-second videos of themselves and maybe put in a little music too and do something that is related to the song or lip sync to the song. And better yet, You don't even have to post videos on Tik-Tok, You can just simply watch other people and leave comments (only if they are nice) or maybe follow someone.
    -Texting/calling friends. If your kid wants to contact a friend then they can text/call them. Say your kid wanted to play Fortnite with their friend(s) so they call/text them and ask them if they can get on Fortnite

  • Kids 4th Grade and up should have Cell Phones

    Kids 4th grade and up should have cell phones because this way, Kids can call their parents if they're going to be late, And vis-a-vis. Also, This is a way to call friends, Which could help them bond more. A study shows that friends help people live longer. You can also take pics and help capture the memories.

  • Kids can have smartphones

    Kids who want to have a smartphone have the right to have one but they at least should be 10 year old before having one and they should not download Instagram or Facebook unless they are teens. Kids should stay an maximum of 15 minutes a day of playing games and another 15 minutes of calling and texting parents and friends and kids who want to have smartphones should not have YouTube
    but if they are YouTube lovers then you should download you-tube kids

  • Emergencies missed bus

    If i break a leg riding my bike home if i dont have a phone i am going to just sit on the streat with a broken leg instaed of being in a hospital or if there is a lockdown at my school therer is a lot of people there

  • Kids need it.

    If kids are out because at this age kids are getting out more and they need their parentsfor some sort of reason they will have a phone with them and they would be able to call their parents for whatever reason or they need one of the emergency departments for safety.

  • It depends on the maturity of the child.

    Phones have been known to be addictive, and expose cyberbullying to children. The answer to stop it is, Watch your child. Look at how mature they are. You could have an immature 14-year-old with a phone do immature things, and have an 11-year-old with a phone do responsible things. Set boundaries. I have my phone set to lock at 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM because we cant always trust ourselves. This is more of a Know-Your-Child type of thing.

    Note: you don't always have to start them out with something nice. I started out with an emergency phone that all I could do on was called My mother or father, and once I proved how responsible I was with that I got a better phone, that let me text/ use apps.

  • Yes phones are important

    I think they should because what if there was a bus crash with six cars seven cars or more and the school has no way of contacting your parents and the school has none of your parents phone numbers but you have it memorized and nobody will let you use their phone

  • Yes kids should have phones

    I believe that kids should have phones because, in the eyes of the Law kids at the age of 10 are responsible enough to be responsible to be held accountable foe their actions, and if they have a emergency, they need to be able to call 911 and their parents

  • No Never No

    Your kids should not have phones at the age of 10 or 11 beacause it might lead to serious addiction and it might cause brain cancer. They might even start by looking at inappropriate pictures and they might sneak out at night with their friends and do something bad on their phones.

  • No no no

    I think kids should not have phones because it could expose them to cyber-bullying and inappropriate stuff. Getting a phone could also cause a 'decline in grades. You can also get addicted really fast and that is not good for your brain. Kids under 13 should also not have social apps such as Instagram and snapchat. What if your kid is irresponsible with stuff what if they lose the phone or break it all that money would go to waste.

  • 10 to 11-year-olds should not have phones

    They should not have phones because it can have a decrease or decline in grades.You could also have a serious addiction to social media with could distract kids from doing their homework. They could also misuse the phone and get caught up in cyberbullying. And if they use the phone too much they would not know how to mix in with other crowds and it could make them very unsocial in the real world.

  • Kids this age are not capable of managing the social ramifications of having cell phones.

    Kids this age are the first generation that have literally been born with access to cell phones. Increasingly studies are showing the detrimental effects of access to social media on children. The age of texting and face time is eroding children ability to communicate and mental health issues are on the uprise because of this shift in socialization. If your kid access to call 911 outweighs what the effects of cell phone addiction then you should move. Kids are being conditioned to face plant into a screen as a way to interact with their entire world. Don't wait until these kids are 20 and maladjusted to their world and have to learn how to socialize in person as adults to see what is happening.

  • No cells till 18

    When your kid is 18 they can build up there money with there jobs so its irresponsible to give a kid a phone a glass phone they can hurt themselves with the glass! So i say NO to phones. Thank for reading please let them buy the phone by themselves!

  • NO No NO

    Kids shouldn't be having their faces on a screen all the time. Their grades will go down real quick, and if they need to talk to their parents that bad, they can use a landline! It is not a good way for parents to check in on their child because the child can just lie. Overall, No Phones.

  • Yes yes yes

    They need cellphones to be in touch with parents or with some friends that are in other country for example. In emergency the children can contact with their parents so they are communicate with their parents and know where they are. Also the children that their parents are divorced they can communicate with both of them.

  • Kids are irresponsible

    My parents didn't get me and my brother phones until we were eleven, and even then we could only use them at home. We had to wait until we were thirteen to use them out of the house. My parents did this to protect us from internet creeps, and I agree that kids under age 11 are too irresponsible for phones.

  • Children under the age of 11 shouldn't have a cell phone

    Children under the age of 11 shouldn't have a cell phone because they are still in that state of a child and having a phone exposes them to many dangerous and inappropriate things such as cyberbullying, inappropriate pictures, sexting and many more. Do you really want your child to lose their innocence at age 10 or 11?

  • Childern shouldn't have phones under the age of ten

    According to children under ten shouldn't have a phone. A phone shouldn't be a babysitter. It takes the old-fashioned way of comunication face-to-face and encourages family participation. It forces non-anonomus comunication. Meaning no strangers, no danger. It eliminates cyberbulling and questionable online behavior that for stockers it is easier done anonomus.

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