• Ages don't ever really matter.

    Age is never a accurate depiction of the maturity level. Even immature people deserve equal rights. Any kind of person should get equal rights. Even if they are four years old, That doesn't give the government any right to not give the rights and freedoms. Even if they commit a serious crime, Will should still accept them into our society. People are going to comment under this tread telling me that I'm a pedophile. So? Why does that matter. Stay relevant to the subject. No matter how many times you fight. You will always be another debate waiting.

  • This specific age group, Especially the middle of the group, Need at least a little freedom or revolt will be strong

    While I might disagree that 11 years olds be allowed to 'date', Mostly b/c they wouldn't really be able to, 13 - 16 years olds should be allowed to. A lot of people have heard of teenage rebellion, But what people should also know is that a lot of teenagers disobey their parents deliberately to assert independence.

    Http://www. Bbc. Co. Uk/science/humanbody/mind/articles/emotions/teenagers/rebellion. Shtml

    From that line of logic, If you were to restrain them from having relationships they would be more likely to try to get in one, Especially if you SPECIFICALLY tell them they weren't allowed to date.

    Now I do typically agree with the concept that: The more accessible a thing the more people will do it. Ex: When you put candy next to the check-out more people will buy candy, If gun sales are unrestricted more people will buy guns, Etc. . . . But in this case, There are a few factors that separate the teenage population from the adult population in this concept.

    Teenagers rebel, Its the truth of the matter, And in this case would mean that fundamentally: a lot of their actions might not be what they do usually.

    They also are more radical with their idealogy, As in they could slip onto one side of a spectrum and be on the other in a matter of hours. This is due to A) The teenager still looking for their identities, And that teenagers are usually less totally understanding when they accept an initial ideology.

    What all of this leads to is Teenagers often looking for unaccessible things on purpose and doing said thing whenever possible. So with more extreme things like gun control, Etc, Yes it might work on teenagers, But with something like dating? Rebellion.

    Not only would they be grateful for space, Or at least less negative, But making and building relationships is a good skill to have. Not only in the romantic world but in the world in general. Teens and Children often have a warped view of what dating or relationships are. This can be due to pop-culture, Parenting, Or early life culture.

    This will also help the teen build their identity earlier, Which is a main factor that causes teenage rebellion. Building their preferences beyond the superficial won't happen immediately but it will eventually happen as a means of personality evolution. This can also allow Teens to date and experiment (Non sexually for the younger ones, But 16-year-olds have sex teach them what to do instead of not to do it and maybe there'd be fewer teen pregnancies. ) in a row risk environment. This will make informed dating decisions easier when their adults.

    TLDR: They'd rebel and do it anyway if you said no b/c of psychological reasons, And it's good for them anyways.

  • No it's too early

    Chlidren at that age, Especially 11-13, Just aren't ready to date yet. If they start dating so young it will create an unhealthy idea of what dating is. They might see it as just another form of playing, They might think it's impossible to maintain a romantic relationship with just one person. Because they aren't mature enough to be able to do that. When they are older they will carry these ideas with them and make their life harder.

    That said, I agree with Theweakeredge that just waiting until they're teenagers and then saying 'no' isn't going to stop them. And I also think they can have other wrong ideas of what dating and relationships are. But I don't think dating early will solve the problem.

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Yamuna_Ventura says2020-09-03T04:21:22.710
If it's just a kid romance than yes, That also includes for lesbians.

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