Should kids and teens be forced to go to school by the government against their own will?

Asked by: panzer05
  • Not that hard.

    School is severely easy. Minimal effort will get you to graduate. If you can't sit in a seat for 7 hours, how are you going to last in the real world. The problem with schools, is that they think that they can control YOUR life on the outside as well. Another problem is that schools teach things that are useless, and then some just let kids be lazy. These rules can be corrected. So can having cell phones out and bullying. A dress code would also work. I controversially colleges should cut who gets in by a certain percent. They won't. But listen: We don't need everyone to have a college degree. Because now it means nothing. We will always need more businesses. More self-made men!

  • More options for later

    It is true that home schooling is an option but kids who learn at home don't develop social skills that they will need through out life because they are not around other kids. I'm not saying that they will not have friends nor am I saying that kids who learn at school are better off academically, I'm saying that kids should have to attend high school until they are at least 18.

    As of now, I am a freshman attending high school. I know the good and bad sides of school. At times it seems like pointless nonsense but in my opinion it is worth sticking until the end. If kids drop out before or during high school, they will not get a diploma, they will most likely get a minimum wage job, and they will most likely have to go back to school later in life. Teens will be able to attend better colleges and they graduate, depending on what their major was, they will get good jobs and benefits.

  • Freedom for children

    People say that they think kids should go to school, but kids should have their freedom and not be forced to get their education the way their parents want, they should be able to choose what they want. Yes they should be in school and get an education to get a job which is explained to them but if they really wanted to drop out and choose their future, they should have that opportunity.

  • It depends on what you mean by school

    They ahiuldnt be forced to go to the school building. But they should absolutely be forced to get an education at least up to age 16 like it already is now. If you want to homeschool thats fine as long as the kid is getting just as good an education as theyd get in a traditional school. No unschooling

  • It is the parents decision not the governments.

    I dont think the government should have the right to tell another individual were they need to be for multiple hours of their day. After seeing a mentally handicapped girl being dragged down the hallway by a teacher screaming i dont want to be here i though about this question. This needs to be the decision of the student and that of the parent. And if they dont want to let them learn on their own.

  • I wish not

    I can learn so much more on my own and i do actualy learn work out and lead a life that is livable
    school is a stress factory full of retards especaly high school... All they do is gossip cry and get mad when someone calls them out for it there is no education involved

  • Oh Yes... Absolutely

    We should have the government stepping in and tellis US what to do. In fact, why don't they also say that any kid or teenager that brings their cell phone to school will be immediately expelled. Oh yes, I like this idea. Or say that any student that gets a failing grade in one class gets expelled. Yes, we should be pushing for this!

    Note the heavy use of sarcasm-laced sentencing used in the above statement. Look, the government already controls enough of our daily lives. Let's be realistic here. Most schools provide bus transportation for children that live to far from the school. Heck, some schools don't even have buses because the kids are close enough that they can walk. Hey, I say that's better than sitting on a bus, wouldn't you say? In all honesty, would you really want our government to have more control over our lives, let alone our children's lives?

    Posted by: S.K
  • You have options

    The government only requires that you get the equivalent education. In other words home schooling is an option. They government requires this because parents at one point would send there children to work instead of getting an education by doing this the parents severely limited their children's ability to get more than minimum wage as an adult. This creates a cycle of poverty by ensure that each child gets a certain level of education you give them the opportunity to climb the economic ladder to make more than there parents did.

  • No it shouldn’t be

    I’m a soon to be senior in school and I homeschool. I
    Left public schools cause bullying has gotten to be a huge issue for me. It got me to the point where I thought suicide was the answer. My school did nothing to provoke bullying at all in fact some of the bullies were also teachers. My mom finally got tired of their bullshit and put me in a homeschool program. Sure it’s harder but it’s allot better than sitting in a classroom getting shoved around, laughed at and bullied by teachers and eat the nasty food they serve. It’s like a 7 hour prison that wastes most of the children and teens lives. We are only children once why can’t we learn on our own? If you want more freedom do homeschooling.

  • School is cancer

    Children are most likely not going to like it when they are forced because how would you like it if you were forced to sit in a stupid chair for 7 hours and review things you have already learned. Kids need more freedom and liberty in their lives instead of adults making stupid decisions.

  • To Be Free

    Freedom is choice. Choice is being able to choose what you want to do. When someone is dictating what you do when you do it. Where you step, if you spit. You are NOT free. It’s an illusion. Freedom comes with consequences, some people get cheated, and it’s not fair. But you are free! Being sent to juvenile hall for not going to school is control to be a productive member of society to create tax revenue for the government, and to fill your mind up with whatever propaganda they teach you before college. You can always get your ged or go to community college. There are other ways ☺️

  • It's our lives

    I believe the children should have the complete freedom to do whatever they want just as long as they get a proper education.
    I believe that school is an unhealthy environment to there being high levels of stress and in a lot of schools a toxic atmosphere. I think there are useless subjects taught in school wasting tons of time of our childhood. These are just some opinions.
    (P.S. All the other people saying no need to spell check their arguments. It is kind of counter intuitive when arguing school shouldn't be mandatory)

  • It's my life

    Education and school are NOT the same. Education should be fun, and be preformed by either the parent or the child. Children have no say in their first two decades of life. That's only the "Are you worth anything?" stuff. And because it's forced, boring, and has obscene rules, literally EVERY child hates it at some point, no matter how good they are! Give us options. This is our only time we have to have a large amount of fun.

  • As a student

    I hate school. I didn’t ask for oh I came out of my mom and go to school didn’t ask for going to work. It’s just dumb. Many people suicide because of school. Many people can be next. If I don’t go to school where I live I will be sent to boarding school. It’s just seriously stupid. Can’t we just enjoy our childhood. “Children must be happy.” How am I suppose to be happy with all these stuff happening.

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