• Yes They Should

    It helps kids learn how to play sports and get there energy out in a positive way. It might be dangerous, But most likely nobody will get badly hurt. That is why kids should be allowed to play football at schools no matter where they are. It is good for kids

  • Yes for football

    Football should be able to have because it helps with anger and stress relief for kids who can get angry very easy or stressed. It also helps kids be better at a lot of things like stamina or strength also with participation and sports man ship. And if they loose then thats when sportsman ship comes in.

  • It helps kids relieve themselves of anger so they don't get in trouble at their schools.

    It can help them figure out what they are good at and what they are bad at. They will figure out if they are good at running or if they are good at any other sports. They are happy or unhappy with the results that they get after playing sports.

  • Kids should be able to play tackle football

    Kids should be able to play tackle football because it is a great way to exercise and hang out with friend. Also the kids should be able to make their own decisions on what they want to play because they should already know what the danger is and should base their decisions on that.

  • I believe middle school and up should be playing tackle football.

    Kids should be able to play because it's good exersice and helps you learn the game of football more. I personally learned much more about football in middle school because we hit. One of the main things about football is hitting and being aggresive. You can't learn to be agressive if your playing flag.

  • Kids should play tackle football

    Kids should be able to play tackle football because its fun. Its also a good way to exercise and gain strengths in your body and mind. It's also a good way to hang out with your friends. While football can lead to concussions it will only happen if your kid hits head on with someone else. It doesn't happen all the time.

  • I do think because it help

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  • Not worth the injury

    There are so many potential and often occurring injuries in tackle football, from ankle twisting to severe concussions. These can both physically and mentally greatly harm young people for there whole lives, and it is not worth the risk just for a sport - there are much safer sports and much safer ways to exercise. In response to my opponent, he says nothing except that "it will help," but he fails to mention how, whereas I have outlined exactly how it will not help.

  • I don't think so mainly because of the potential injuries

    Personally, I don't really think that it would be good for kids especially young ones, to play a rough sport like tackle football mainly because they can get severely injured playing. The most common injury being concussions. It should be no surprise that a lot of NFL players often suffer from head injuries and it has shown to cause Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (which is a form of dementia). Now imagine that happening to 10-13-year-old kids. The constant head traumas will have a dire effect on those young ones. There are safer alternatives to tackle football like flag or touch football.

  • Oh no no no.

    Why are the majority of people saying yes? Tackle should just be for the NFL and maybe college football teams. Other than that, big no no. Since most PE classes will probably have a unit on football, I don’t think it is fair on smaller kids to be pounded on by bigger kids. There is a reason women can’t be NFL players. A woman would be tiny compared to the players and would be at a disadvantage, also, a woman would probably get crushed. Tackle football is pretty violent, and I know I don’t want to be pounced on. Plus, it has resulted many injuries like broken bones and even permanent brain damage. That’s a lot of upset parents!

  • Kids should not be able to play tackle football in school.

    One reason these kids should not be playing tackle football at school is because of injuries. A kid can easily collide head to head with another player and get brain damage. The week.Com says, "Researchers scanned the brains of 42 former NFL players... While MRI testing revealed substantial abnormalities in their corpus callosum, which relays commands and inforpbs.Org saymation between the brain's two hemispheres." A second reason these kids should not be able to play tackle football is because they need to be exposed to other things first. They need to learn how to add fractions and find volume before they learn how to block for the quarter back. Pbs.Org says, "For young kids with developing minds and bodies, moving and exploring should come before memorizing playbooks." While it is true that playing football is great exercise, football is very dangerous, and kids shouldn't be playing at school.

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