Should Kids be able to be dropped off at the mall between the ages of 10-13 without adult supervision

  • At age 12 and up kids should be allowed to be at the mall with friends and without a parent

    From experience I know that the mall is a fun hangout . There is safety in numbers you can go with 1 or 2 friends and all of you have phones and know the basic rules when it comes to strangers and have agreed to text parents every now and then then you should be allowed to go you could even have a parent or another adult family member sit in the food court and stay there until it’s time to leave . The mall gives kids the opportunity to be independent and hang out with friends I do agree that kids should be at least twelve because age ten is a little young and probably aren’t mature and are more likely to cause mischief. Me myself at twelve was allowed to got to the mall with friends but I was pretty mature and responsible and had a cell phone

  • They should be able to go to the mall by theirselves

    I think teens should be able to have space and we should be able to pick things that we like without an adult being judgy also adults get in the way of teens having fun. Some teenagers just want to be with friends and not with their parents all the time.

  • I think kids should be able to go to the mall without adult supervision because kids need time to relax without parents around

    Kids should be mature enough at 10-13 to handle being at the mall without adult supervision but it should not happen to offen. It would also be a good thing so parents can get stuff done without kids geting in there way, and the kids could go with friends so they would at least have company

  • They should not go to the mall alone

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