• Um... It's gum

    I have no reason other than the fact that I like gum. Also the fact that it improves thinking and it, depending on what kind of gum you have, can also help you benefit by making your teeth stronger, getting rid of plaque, and it produces saliva to defend against plaque

  • It helps kids think!

    Kids may be bored in class because they are learning about history. Atleast with gum, they have something to do. This however is not what I am trying to argue for. Studies show that if kids eat gum while studying for a test when in school during that test if they chew gum they will remember more of what they were studying which is important. Do you not see it? Gum in school helps kids!

  • Only those without sugar or misc. Sweeteners

    Less chewing gums in their foul mouths means less chewing gums under the class desks. Studies also indicate that children (and people in general) consume too much sugar, and it's obvious that chewing gum is a major contributor to that.

    And to the smart kids who want to benefit from the advantages of healthy chewing gums (concentration, oral hygiene), there are plenty of healthy and sugar-free alternatives out there!

  • It is a Distraction

    Chewing gum distracts classmates, the teacher and the student. Just because a child is bored in class doesn't warrant them ignoring the teacher and information. Contrary to helping them in tests, this would hurt their test scores because they would not be able to pay attention in class, thereby bringing down their grade.

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