Should kids be able to create blogs and websites, like Facebook?

Asked by: AW4070828
  • Kids Can have fun!

    I believe that kids should be alowed to make websites and blogs. Kids love to have fun and I think that kids can entertain others and themselves! I think it showes kids skills like writing, having a great social life, to become happier,reading, and technology. Kids are pretty smart too, so they know how to do it. If you say no, they'll eventually do it behind your back. As long as you check on what they are doing every once in a while and you make sure they are safe, I think it is an ok thing.

  • Kids are smart enough to create blogs and websites.

    The teens and kids of these days are smart enough and use technology intelligently. They have the knowledge of working electronics and can do anything as well as or better than an adult. So yes, they should be able to make a blog or a website, because they are smart enough to.

  • It gives kids access to the real world

    People think that kids are too young for Facebook, but I think it will give them a chance to see what's in the real world, and what they should stay away from. So I think kids should be able to have a blog or Facebook. I think kids should have access to the real world, so give them a chance!!!!

  • Well it's not like you can stop them...

    If a kid wants to make their own blog and website, even though I think it is a bad idea, I don't think you can really stop them. Sure you can call the police because they have a special branch that deals with technology related crimes, usually harassment and bullying, but I don't think they would give a rat fart about a kid making his or her own website. It's a bad idea, but you can't really stop them, so you know, what the hey, if you can't beat it, join it!

  • Yes kids should be able to make blogs and websites

    So any way yes it is a good way for kids to learn, create and make new friends while using a PC. On the other hand making one like Facebook could be dangerous and show bad things for an outcome of it!

  • There are many dangers that kids are not old enough to understand

    Kids do not yet have enough forethought to realize the dangers of the things they post. They can give out information which can endanger the,selves and their families, they can give out information that can get them in serious trouble and they often unwittingly give out information that hurts others.

    Posted by: Wmdu
  • this is a touchy subject.

    if you think about it, kids have the 'right'... however far the word goes to describe something... to do anything within the limits of the law. but it is my personal opinion that they should not be allowed to do so until they can be held legally responsible for any content posted. when i say legally responsible, i mean in their 'teens', not 18 or 21. (obviously no court will convict a 5 or 12 year old for posting content, they will claim they didn't know what they were doing)

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